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Be aware – don’t use dodgy waste removal firms

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Be aware – don’t use dodgy waste removal firms

Householders are being reminded to check the credentials of anyone offering to take away and dispose of their waste.

Bury Council’s enforcement officers say there has been a substantial increase in people advertising waste removal services on social media and other buying and selling sites. This waste is subsequently fly-tipped, and the council is investigating a number of incidents.

Councillor Kevin Peel, deputy cabinet member for the environment, said: “It is the responsibility of the householder to make sure their rubbish is disposed of correctly.

“Unfortunately, there are people who will take your waste for a bargain price and then dispose of it illegally. If this happens, you could be held accountable if you have not checked that this person is authorised to take your waste, and you be prosecuted and be fined an unlimited amount. Councils also have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £400.”

Residents are advised to donate unwanted furniture to a community group or charity, or take it to a local household waste recycling centre.

Alternatively, the council offers a bulky waste removal service which will take away items such as old mattresses, TVs, washing machines, fridges, freezers and carpets. For a charge of £41, up to 5 items will be collected – for details, go to Bulky household waste collection - Bury Council

How to check if a waste carrier is legitimate:

  • Ask the waste carrier to provide you with their full name, address and phone number.
  • Ask to see their Waste Carrier License, which would be issued by the Environment Agency. If they are unable to produce it, they may not be legal.
  • Check for registered waste carriers on the Environment Agency website:
  • Ask for a headed receipt – a genuine company will supply one as a matter of course.
  • Ask where they take your waste - a genuine company will be able to show you transfer notes from the waste recycling centre they use.
  • Get quotes from different waste carriers – if one or two are substantially cheaper, ask yourself why. If the price quoted seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Take a note of the registration number of the vehicle that removes your waste.


Press release issued: 9 February 2022.





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