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Councillors’ photos needed for our 40th anniversary

Bury Council is marking its 40th anniversary by creating an online record of all those who have served as a councillor over these four decades.

The council has pictures of most councillors who have been elected since the metropolitan borough came into being in 1974 – but there are a number missing.

Mike Kelly, the council’s chief executive, said: “There have been many changes since the council began its modern life 40 years ago. It would be lovely to have a complete set of photographs of all those who have served the residents of this borough, which relatives, friends and people can look at online, even those who live thousands of miles way. I’m hoping that former councillors themselves can help complete the set, or members of their families.”

We can receive photos electronically, in the post or in person at Bury Town Hall where we will collect the photos, take a copy and return them, possibly not the same day.

The list of ‘missing’ pictures is below. Anyone who can help to fill in the gaps should email Katie Murray at


Press release issued: 25 September 2014.

List of councillors’ ‘missing’ photos:

Jack Allen (Labour,  1974–1976); Anthony W. Ash (Conservative, 1976–1978); P. A. Authur-Smith (Conservative, 1974–1975); Madeleine Baigel (Liberal,  1974–1976); Frank Brooks (Conservative, 1974–1987); L. Caplan (Labour, 1974-1975); Soloman Clynes (Liberal, 1974–1976); Herbert Coates (Labour, 1975–1976 and 1979–1984); Frank W. Cockbain (Conservative, 1976–1978); David M. Cunningham (Labour, 1982-1983)

Ruth N. Daintree (Conservative, 1975-1983); Michael K. Diamond (Conservative, 1992–1995); David J. Dickenson  (Labour, 1986–1990); Paul Dixon (Labour, 1997–1998); Cherrill A. Dunkley (Conservative, 1991–1995); Janis M. Eden (Conservative, 1989-1990); John Ethell (Conservative, 1974-1978); John Finnerty (Labour, 1974–1975); John N. Fogg (Labour, 1984–1988); Stuart W. Fowler (1976-1979); Harry C. Fox (Conservative, 1974–1979)

Stuart Glover (Conservative, 1975-1984); Philip Goldman (Conservative, 1975-1983); Kathleen C. Haddow (Conservative, 1978–1982); Munroe Hall (Labour, 1979–1984); William A. Hall (Liberal, 1974-1976); Les Hallows (Labour, 1980–1981); Norman Hamer (Conservative, 1974–1984); V. C. Hannan (Liberal, 1974–1975); Hilda S. Harvey (1979–1980); Gordon Hubert (Labour, 1974–1976); Thomas H. Jackson (Labour, 1974–1977 and 1979–1980)

Herbert Kay (Conservative, 1976–1986); Geoffrey Kershaw (Labour, 1974–1981); Teresa Lasota (Conservative, 1991–1995); Ada A. Longworth ( 1979–1980); Alice Maders (Conservative, 1976–1986); James B. Makin (Conservative, 1975–1984); Herbert Mather (Conservative, 1974–1986); H. Mills (Liberal, 1974–1975);Kenneth C. Moore (Conservative, 1974–1976); John Morris (Labour, 1981–1984); Philip M. Morris (Conservative, 1976–1982); Ronald Morris (Conservative, 1976–1979); J. B. Myers (Liberal, 1974–1975)

Geoff Page (Labour, 1974–1975); Brian Parkinson (1976–1978); David Read (Conservative, 1988–1991); D. J. Saunders (Labour, 1974–1975); Arthur Scholes (Labour, 1974–1975 and 1977–1984); Ernest Sewell (Labour, 1974–1978); Alfred Shea  (Conservative, 1975–1979); Jack Skellern (Labour, 1974–1979); Dick Stuart (Labour, 1981–1983); Ronald Swinburn (Conservative, 1979–1989); Malcolm I. Tonge (Conservative,  1974–1979); John A. Vickery (Labour, 1986–1988)

Barrie Waddington (1979–1980); Enid Ward (Conservative,  1975–1980 and 1982–1986); Tony Whelan (Labour, 1980–1988); Paula Whitehead (Labour, 1984–1986); Michael R. Wilson (Labour, 1986–1990)

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