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‘Drive Less, Live More’

Bury Council is backing this year’s Road Safety Week organised by the charity Brake, which runs from 23 to 29 November.

This year’s campaign is ‘Drive Less and Live More’, and Bury’s road users are being asked to look at how often they drive and whether they could walk, cycle, car share or use public transport instead. Benefits would include savings on fuel costs, less pollution and congestion, and potentially fewer casualties.

The council is particularly keen to improve children’s knowledge of road safety. In the last academic year alone, officers have delivered lessons and practical training to nearly 17,000 school pupils across the borough.

Jan Brabin, senior road safety officer for Bury Council, said: “Education plays an important role in making our roads safer, and the behaviour of parents and guardians has a big influence on children’s safety and their attitude towards the road.

”The average school run is just 1.5 miles, which contributes to road congestion and problems parking outside schools. We would ask parents who need to drive their child to school to park considerately, and perhaps even park a bit further away and walk the rest of the distance with their child.”

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Press release issued: 24 November 2015.

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