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German sound artist takes up residency in Bury

Press release -

German sound artist takes up residency in Bury

Sound artist Helmut Lemke is in Bury working on a project throughout 2017 called Listen Backwards to Advance (LBtA).

The German artist specialises in sound and installation art and has produced work all over the world, collaborating with other artists, musicians, dancers, scientists, and architects.

Lemke works with a variety of sounds, some ordinary, some unusual and combines them with other media and art forms in his exhibitions. He has developed site-specific concerts, performances and installations in a variety of sites and settings since he began his work in the 1970s; from concert halls, outdoor markets and galleries to the frozen sea off Greenland, function rooms of pubs and international festivals.

He has taken up residence in the basement of the Fusilier Museum in Bury, into which he has moved everything associated with his art practice in order to create a publicly accessible archive that reflects his 40-year career.

The project will be officially opened on Saturday 18 February at 2pm, and all are welcome.

Visitors are welcome to visit Lemke while he is at work in the Fusiliers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 4pm, or by appointment made by calling 0161 253 5878.

Lemke will be happy to talk about the project, or guests can simply watch the process of developing the archive as he works with old installations, photos, posters and other pieces.

A series of free talks and panel discussions surrounding his work will take place throughout the year, details of which will be announced by Bury Art Museum.

This residency is supported by the Arts Council of England.


Press release issued: 14 February 2017.

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