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Safe streets save lives – have your say on helping to keep Bury cycling and walking more

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Safe streets save lives – have your say on helping to keep Bury cycling and walking more

Bury residents are being urged to have their say on changes that would help them to keep cycling and walking as the town and country recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.

Walking and cycling rates have increased dramatically from 22% of all journeys in Greater Manchester before the lockdown to 33% at the beginning of this month.

Now Bury Council has worked together with other Greater Manchester councils and campaign group Walk Ride Greater Manchester to create a simple website for people to share their ideas (open until June 12).

Simply drop a pin on the interactive map and leave a comment about how that location might be improved for people walking and cycling.

The ideas and comments will be used to work up proposals for specific streets, junctions and cycle and walking routes that can be implemented in the coming weeks and months.

Funding is available to carry out the works from the Greater Manchester Mayor’s cycling and walking challenge fund.

Cllr Lucy Smith, Bury Council Member for Transport and Infrastructure, said: “The major increase in walking and cycling we have seen in Bury and across Greater Manchester during the lockdown has been very positive for physical health, mental health and air quality.

“We don’t want to go back to how things were before.

“However, the challenge is that with public transport capacity severely restricted it will be essential that as many people as possible continue to walk and cycle for their daily journeys.

“We welcome all suggestions for how we can improve our spaces for cycling and walking, now and in the future. We intend to pursue the movement towards safer active travel in our borough for years to come.”

Ideas that could help to make active travel safer include:

Making pavements wider, to allow pedestrians the space to pass safely

Adding extra cycle lanes and more space for cyclists

Removing through traffic and preventing ‘rat runs’

Removing items like pedestrian guard rails so people do not become crammed close together

Identifying areas where cars parked on pavements are causing problems for pedestrians

20 mph speed limits in residential areas.

About Walk Ride Greater Manchester

Campaign group Walk Ride Greater Manchester has been helping councils across Greater Manchester engage with residents for ideas on how to help people get around safely by foot or bike here, especially those who are more vulnerable such as children or people with disabilities.

Volunteers in boroughs across Greater Manchester are working with local councils to set up maps where residents can flag streets and neighbourhoods where it is currently tricky to keep two metres away from others while walking or cycling.




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