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​Stories of heroism bring Bury residents together

Press release   •   Oct 28, 2019 16:09 GMT

Stories of bravery and compassion by Albanian Muslims were displayed in an exhibition held in Bury’s Mill Gate centre.

Organised by Bury Council and Bury Faith Forum, it told the remarkable tales of Albanian Muslims who protected Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Each display related how individual Albanians took in a Jewish friend, family, neighbour and, in some cases, virtual strangers at great risk to their own safety. As a result, the Jewish population in Albania actually rose during the period of Nazi persecution.

Councillor Sharon Briggs, cabinet member for communities, said: “These stories are really quite remarkable and show that whatever our differences we can be united in our love for humankind.”

Deputy cabinet member Richard Gold added: “The personal stories really struck a chord with me as a Jewish person and gave me hope that people can come together when faced with adversity.”

The exhibition was also attended by David Lewis and Faith Forum chair Liaqat Ali, who come from a Jewish and Islamic background respectively.

David said: “This is a remarkable story of heroism and humanity. It stands as a wonderful example of how, despite incredibly adversity, the noblest of human characteristics can emerge triumphant.”

And Liaqat added: “It is excellent to have such positive stories of strangers coming together and supporting each other despite the risk to themselves and their differences. I hope that these stories can inspire the people of Bury.”

The exhibition was provided by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

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Press release issued: 28 October 2019.

Picture: At the Albanian exhibition are (from left) Councillor Sharon Briggs, David Lewis, Liaqat Ali and Councillor Richard Gold.