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LISTEN: Psychedelic Rockers HOWLIN' JAWS Infuse 60s Pop and Fuzz w/ Cosmic Banger, 'THROUGH MY HANDS' from Sophomore LP, "Half Asleep Half Awake"

Parisian psych-rockers Howlin’ Jaws, the dynamic trio known for their captivating blend of 60s garage and pop rock that meets psychedelic soundscapes, have dropped their latest single "Through My Hands" .. The track is taken from their highly-acclaimed album 'Half Asleep Half Awake,' which was recorded at Liam Watson’s renowned Toe Rag Studios in London.

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of rock 'n' roll, Howlin’ Jaws effortlessly transport listeners to a bygone era with their fuzzed-out guitars, infectious 60s pop melodies, and mesmerizing vocals. With tracks like "Mirror Mirror" and "Lost Songs" already making waves among fans of psychedelic rock music worldwide, "Through My Hands" promises yet to be another cosmic kaleidoscope banger.

Reflecting on the creative process behind 'Half Asleep Half Awake,' Howlin’ Jaws shared: “Two years ago, we didn’t think we’d be experimenting so much and incorporating so many effects into our music. But now it seems self-evident to use them to flesh out the sound spectrum.” This experimentation has resulted in a truly immersive sonic experience that resonates deeply with both old-school enthusiasts as well as those discovering this genre for the first time.

With 'Half Asleep Half Awake' receiving critical acclaim and gaining momentum within the indie music scene, Howlin’ Jaws are poised to make an indelible mark on the global psychedelic rock landscape. Their ability to seamlessly blend vintage influences with contemporary sensibilities sets them apart as true torchbearers of the genre.

"Half Asleep Half Awake" is now available everywhere via Bellevue Music.

Recent Press:

" Cosmic-Boogie Heaven" - Shindig! Magazine

Sitars add a mystical edge to several tracks, while “Through My Hands” recalls Revolver-era Beatles. - OffShelf.Net

"A killer fuzzed out splash of psych in all its goodness" - Colorising

"Howlin’ Jaws, a very “British” rock trio of “Frenchies- Télérama Sortir

“Howlin' Jaws share a childhood love of rock born in the 50s and the 60s, with a fondness for rockabilly and British rock” - Exit Mag

“Howlin' Jaws captivates again by keeping their 60's vein alive. Beyond success! ” - Rolling Stone France

"Howlin Jaws: Our pick to watch for in 2024" - Rock & Folk

"Howlin' Jaws music isn’t just influenced by the music of the past, they play authentic 1960s pop rock, and it competes with any of the best bands of the era "- Jersey Beat

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