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Niche 60s punk label MOJO-BONE REKKIDS now in UK via 14th Floor Music

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Niche 60s punk label MOJO-BONE REKKIDS now in UK via 14th Floor Music

In an exhilarating move for global garage rock enthusiasts, Mojo-Bone Rekkids, a niche label from Moss Beach, California, has confirmed that their eclectic collection of 60s punk and garage will now be distributed and available in the UK and worldwide via 14th Floor Music.

Mojo-Bone Rekkids has been lauded for their commitment to unearthing and preserving some of the wildest and most obscure 60s garage rock/punk tracks. This partnership with 14th Floor Music will provide UK-based record collectors and music lovers with a unique opportunity to explore a treasure trove of rare and exciting music that has been carefully curated and preserved.

All fully licensed, remastered, beautiful artwork, and full details from garage bands like The Traits, Elan Portnoy, The Stoics, The Bummers, Dollsquad, The Misunderstood, and much more.

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