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Lucy and the Rats
Lucy and the Rats

Press release -

LUCY AND THE RATS: London Garage Pop Quartet Stream Self-Titled Debut Album | Dirty Water Records

As posted in the Ringmaster Review

As posted in Louder Than War

There are some things which are simply bred for temptation, propositions instinctively natured to lure like sirens. Among their numbers is the debut album from Lucy And The Rats. Deceptively unassuming but one virulent contagion, the release is an irresistible slice of pop punk with a snarl in its heart and the most disarming melodies and harmonies on its breath like a winning blend of The Shirelles, Honey Bane, and Spinnerette.

Produced by  Johnny Casino and Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs), their first album is an inescapable tap on the shoulder of the broadest attention and recognition, a sweet sounding proposition so so easy to run off with. 

Visually, Lucy And The Rats look like a typical last gang in town garage rock band, but when they plug in and let rip something magical happens as the grease peels away to leave a shimmering ray of bubblegum garage somewhat in the same vein as Nikki & The Corvettes riding with the top down while blasting out The Vapors. It’s glorious to hear and by right should be one of the rock ‘n’ roll albums of the summer.

Recent Press:

"On their debut album, Lucy And The Rats have created a near-perfect bubblegum-garage pop record that deserves to be a true summer soundtrack."  - Louder Than War

"This full-length debut from Lucy and the Rats is pretty much the ultimate power pop record. It's got that hard crunch on the outside with a soft, sweet center. You can land on any track of your choosing and encounter a melody you'll be whistling for days." Faster and Louder 

The band’s self-titled debut comes with ten songs and all of them shine brightly with big hooks, jangly guitar lines and the kind of choruses that will be stuck in your mind after just one listen. A big part of the band’s appeal has to be attributed to Lucy’s vocals, delicate and powerful at the same time. Think Blondie, The Primitives, The Darling Buds or – more recently – Best Coast. -  Punk Rock Theory

The spiky garage rock up-and-at-em attitude transmits throughout the record, hearing echoes of everyone from The Pretenders to The Divinyls - Pure Rawk

"Fresh and inspiring breath within both pop and punk, indeed rock ’n’ roll we have been yearning for. "Ringmaster Review


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The Dirty Water Club started in October 1996 in the Tufnell Park neighbourhood of north London, at a venue called The Boston. The club's name is derived from The Standells' 1966 hit 'Dirty Water' which glorifies the US city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Past performers have included The White Stripes (voted by Q Magazine as one of the top 10 gigs of all time, Mojo one of the top 30 and Kerrang one of the top 100!), The Gories, Country Teasers, Black Lips, NOBUNNY, Kid Congo Powers, The Fleshtones, Billy Childish, Radio Birdman, The Dirtbombs, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The's, The Horrors and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to name just a few. The club has also seen some original '60s performers, such as The Monks, ? and the Mysterians, Kim Fowley, Sky Saxon, GONN, Michael Davis of the MC5 and more grace its stage.

Their in-house record label, Dirty Water Records, is one of the leading garage/beat/(real) R&B labels in the world.

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Matt Hunter

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