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The Botanist Teams Up With Duni For Christmas eCrackers!

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The Botanist Teams Up With Duni For Christmas eCrackers!

It wouldn’t be a Christmas celebration without pulling a Christmas cracker but the waste they produce casts a not-so-festive shadow on the 150-age-old UK tradition. Every year, an average of 40 million Christmas crackers are discarded; lined up end-to-end this equates to 1,220 Mount Everests stacked on top of each other, and that’s not taking into account the plastic prizes inside. 

Luckily, The Botanist and Duni have ‘cracked’ it with a modern sustainable, hygienic, and socially-conscious alternative, it's 100% recyclable whilst retaining all the fun and incredible prizes (you won’t find mini rulers and nail files, instead try Hanging Kebabs, city breaks and a holiday to Italy)! And of course not forgetting the traditional party hat and cheesy joke also to be enjoyed.

Hygiene has always been incredibly important within the hospitality sector, but now being more important than ever, this eCracker brilliantly doubles up as a sealable cutlery pocket.

Guests dining on The Botanist’s festive set menu between 17th November and 24th December will receive an eCracker and, as with a traditional cracker, two players unite to compete and pull the cracker first to be crowned the winner.

How it works; Both players scan the eCracker QR code using a mobile device; one player starts the game and the other joins. Following the countdown, players tap the cracker screen aiming to pull the cracker first and win the prize. Both players receive a joke plus the chance to capture a selfie with Botanist props which can be shared straight to social accounts or downloaded to remember the party antics.

In the true spirit of Christmas and The Botanist’s community heart, the eCracker is also partnered with Shelter to help raise awareness and money to support those in need; so far The Botanist eCracker has raised almost £2.5k in donations to Shelter as well as wider activity in venues to raise money for many local charities across the country.

“Getting together is one of our much-loved Christmas traditions that we really missed being part of last year. We wanted to adapt and jump ahead of the digital curve to bring our guests a sustainable and hygienic contactless way to still enjoy all the fun of a cracker but with a guilt-free social conscience. We’re really excited to see our guests enjoying the eCracker and treating them to one of over 75,000 digital prizes available to be won.” Stephanie Lloyd, Head of Digital at The Botanist.

The Botanist team can’t wait to welcome back guests to their magical festive venues and have worked harder than ever to ensure guests have everything they could possibly want for the perfect Christmas get-together. Whether it’s brunch with friends, lunch with the family, or a work night out, everyone can kick back and enjoy the festive fun.

With a special Christmas drinks menu including heart-warming spiced mulled wine and festive cocktails to accompany mouth-watering Christmas food favourites such as pigs in blankets, Turkey Hanging Kebabs, and even a Chocolate Orange cookie dough dessert. Guests can guarantee the festive food and drink will keep on flowing.

‘Tis the season for fun and laughter after all.

Photo Credit: The Botanist

For more information on the eCracker:


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