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How Important Are Christmas Decorations For Restaurants?

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How Important Are Christmas Decorations For Restaurants?

With 72% of the 25 highest revenue days for restaurants sitting in November and December, accounting for over 25% of an average restaurant’s annual revenue; it’s never been more crucial to ensure you’re offering your customers an unrivalled festive dining experience, particularly given the wide array of options now available to your typical consumer.

Recent research has shown that when a restaurant or hotel invests both time and money in their Christmas offering, they see a massive return, with 59% of customers, not only likely to spend more time on the premises but, also more money – working out at £21 on average per visit.

Social media influences more than 50% of your potential customers, and this trend only looks to continue in the future as Gen Z and Millennials are 99% more likely to rely on social media and online reviews to choose a restaurant than Gen X and Boomers. Tap into this growing market and raise your brand awareness by creating a winter wonderland through the clever use of festive tableware, cosy lighting and seasonal decorations. Working with a budget? Focus your attention on decorating areas that your guests are more likely to notice, for example – your entrance, to give a good first impression. Remember 15% of your potential customers would not visit a venue if it didn’t participate in standard Christmas fanfare.

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