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HEAD TO THE HOME OF SNOW: another terrific season continues in Sweden and Norway

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HEAD TO THE HOME OF SNOW: another terrific season continues in Sweden and Norway

When it comes to snow, it’s hard to beat Norway and Sweden. SkiStar’s five Scandinavian ski resorts have seen great conditions so far this season, with Åre, Sälen and Vemdalen in Sweden and Trysil and Hemsedal in Norway currently enjoying snow depths of between 62 cm and 168 cm.

Mathias Lindström, Sales and Marketing Director at SkiStar, says: “Ideal conditions saw us open our Scandinavian resorts early at the start of the season and it’s been a fantastic few months so far. The unique conditions in Scandinavia mean SkiStar can offer 150 days of skiing, and direct flights from Heathrow to the new Scandinavian Mountains Airport allow British skiers to get out on the slopes of Norway and Sweden with just half a day’s travel.”

Snow depth in SkiStar’s Scandinavian resorts this week (10/3/20)
Åre, Sweden: 96 cm – 119 cm
Vemdalen, Sweden: 62 cm – 110 cm
Sälen, Sweden: 82 cm – 88 cm
Trysil, Norway: 104 cm – 168 cm
Hemsedal, Norway: 150 cm

Snow guarantee

SkiStar’s snow guarantee, which applies to all its Scandinavian ski resorts, allows guests to re-book trips in a different SkiStar resort or get money back if the conditions laid out in the snow guarantee can’t be met. The guarantee applies to all SkiStar’s Scandinavian ski resorts between 15 December 2019 and the end of the season in spring 2020. 

Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Opened on December 28, Scandinavian Mountains Airport is located in Sweden by the border with Norway. The nearest skiing area in Sälen, Sweden, is only a 10 minutes transfer away and it’s 40 minutes to Trysil in Norway. SAS flies direct from Heathrow to Scandinavian Mountains Airport every Saturday during the ski season.

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SkiStar in brief:

SkiStar AB (publ.) is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange, Mid Cap segment. The group owns and operates ski resorts in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen, and Hammarbybacken (Stockholm) in Sweden, Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway, and St Johann in Tirol in Austria. Market share is 50% in Sweden, 31% in Norway and a total of 41% in Scandinavia. Our core business is alpine skiing, and our main focus is the overall ski experience of our guests. The business is divided into three segments; Ski resorts – Operation, Infrastructure and Development.

Images and videos in SkiStar's Newsroom can be freely used along with information about SkiStar and/or SkiStar's destinations and products.

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SkiStar owns and operates five of the region's largest alpine ski resorts: Sälen (incl. Hammarbybacken i Stockholm), Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden and Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway. SkiStar's vision is to create memorable mountain experiences as the leading holiday operator for Scandinavia.

SkiStar's ski resorts are the perfect destination for those who are active and like to enjoy life to the fullest. Families and friends can enjoy fantastic days on the ski slopes. Many have discovered the joys of downhill skiing, but a holiday on the slopes is the perfect opportunity to exercise, to recharge your batteries and to socialise with friends and family.

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