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From the left: Thomas Dahlstedt, head owner of Nordrest, Stefan Sjöstrand CEO and President SkiStar, Pontus Frithiof, owner and founder of the Pontus Group and Jonas Bauer, Resport Manager SkiStar Sälen
From the left: Thomas Dahlstedt, head owner of Nordrest, Stefan Sjöstrand CEO and President SkiStar, Pontus Frithiof, owner and founder of the Pontus Group and Jonas Bauer, Resport Manager SkiStar Sälen

Press release -

Pontus Frithiof Selects SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället as a New Concept in the Mountains

Pontus Frithiof and Nordrest will be setting up in northern Sweden for the first time, as the two restaurants open at SkiStar's new resort, SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället, in Sälen. The two restaurants will have different concepts and specialities, but they will offer something for everyone with a focus on sustainability – good and well-prepared food based on locally produced ingredients – with a North American touch. Restaurants will open for the upcoming winter season in December 2021.

In December, restauranteur and entrepreneur Pontus Frithiof, along with Thomas Dahlstedt and his Nordrest restaurant group, will make a début in the Swedish mountains with two new restaurants and a large affiliated bar at SkiStar's new resort in Sälen. The restaurants are varied in their styles and their offers, but what they have in common is the Pontus DNA: a relaxed, cosy atmosphere, being generous and inclusive – a feeling of "Sälen goes Colorado".

The restaurant's concept and name are not official yet, but one will take on Pontus's more traditional brasserie concept, with a focus on locally produced edibles and a lodge ambience in the décor. The menu will offer a wide range of varied dishes, where the grill will set the tone, and will be more accessible. Pontus Group's head sommelier, Mario E Moroni, revealed that a big selection of wine and champagne will also be available. The brasserie-like restaurant will have a large bar, which will stand out from traditional mountain bars and from the international entertainment scene.

The other concept is built around an exciting "family-style concept" that works well for simpler meals or a full-scale dinner where the menu draws inspiration from cuisine found around the world. Smooth, exciting and unexpected – but above all tasty. The selection of beverages will be served by the glass and, just like on the menu, the countries of the world are represented at the bar.

Both restaurants will serve breakfast and lunch with brunch-like features. The main focus is on the digitalisation of both concepts in order to avoid queues and improve the guest's overall experience. Pontus together with Marcus Ekman, business and concept developer of the Pontus Group, is now working fully on the project and both concepts.

“It is very exciting and inspiring to be able to launch our new mountain concept. We see ourselves as food creators, and we create our concept based on the local conditions and ingredients, always adding our very own DNA. Our brand will add value to the destination and give the guests an overall experience that they appreciate and yearn to come back for,” says Pontus Frithiof.

SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället will be a brand new lodge in Sälenfjällen with the best ski-in, ski-out location. The development of SkiStar Sälen into an international alpine resort is in full swing, with state-of-the-art lodging and Pontus Frithiof’s and Nordrest’s two fantastic restaurants, Scandinavia's most modern 8-seater express lift, new slopes and extended snow-making facilities, as well as the proximity to Sälen-Trysil airport, Scandinavian Mountains Airport. SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället will consist of 153 rooms, 786 beds, conference facilities, a spa, gym, SkiStarShop, several restaurants, and more. 

“We are very happy and proud of the collaboration with Pontus Frithiof and Thomas Dahlstedt, who always deliver high quality and service. In our joint major venture, we can offer hotel guests and visitors the best in terms of lodging, food and drinks, as well as memorable mountain experiences all year round. With this investment, we are taking another step towards making SkiStar Sälen an international top class mountain resort,” says Stefan Sjöstrand, CEO and President, SkiStar.

Since 2015, Pontus Frithiof, owner and founder of the Pontus Group, and Thomas Dahlstedt, head owner of Nordrest, have had a close collaboration. While forms of collaboration have varied over the years, in recent years a franchise-like structure has been developed, where Nordrest is a contractual party and is responsible for day-to-day operations, while Pontus applies its mark and DNA to designing concepts and menus with quality, creating visibility and an instinct for hospitality.

“We are continuing our common journey and have now taken on a new challenge for our collaboration. The successful launch of La Girafe is what whet our appetite for creating something completely new again. Now we look forward to creating new values with the restaurants at the SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället, which will be a good complement and will form a long-term commitment to Sälen,” concludes Thomas Dahlstedt.

Pontus Group was founded in 1999 by Pontus Frithiof and today consists of 21 businesses. The wholly-owned operations under Pontus in the Air are located at Stockholm-Arlanda Terminal 5, Atelier 23 in the Dagens Nyheter Tower, Accelerator Café by Pontus and Pocket Café by Pontus Norrsken House, which are run by Pontus Frithiof City Venues. Since the spring of 2015, Pontus Group has operated a number of restaurants together with restauranteur Thomas Dahlstedt and his Nordrest groupand the popular Pocket Café located in the Dagens Nyheter Tower, The Tidningshuset by PontusPic Poc at AC Marriott Hotel Stockholm and La Girafe at Kungsholmen. 

About SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället

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