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Akvaplan-niva on scenarios for Norwegian-Russian petroleum cooperation in the Barents Sea

Nyhet   •   jun 16, 2017 15:49 CEST

Akvaplan-niva has participated in a project consortium of research institutes and universities from Norway and Russia. The result from this project is three scenarios on international cooperation in the development of Arctic petroleum resources. These scenarios, which are based on comprehensive multidisciplinary studies, are presented in the book "International Arctic Petroleum Cooperation: Barents Sea Scenarios". The book is edited by A. Bourmistrov, F. Mellemvik, A. Bambulyak, O. Gudmestad, I. Overland and A. Zolotukhin. 

The book looks in detail at the preconditions and outlook for international cooperation in the development of Arctic petroleum resources, mainly focusing on Norwegian-Russian cooperation in the Barents Sea towards 2025. The authors provide a cross-disciplinary approach including geopolitical, institutional, technological, corporate and environmental perspectives to analyse the underlying factors that shape the future development of the region. The scenarios explore various levels of cooperation and development influenced by and resulting from potential political, commercial and environmental conditions. These scenarios improve our understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Arctic petroleum resource development and promotes further consideration of the possible outcomes from future cooperation.

Akvaplan-niva scientist, Alexei Bambulyak is one of the editors of the book as well as the first author of chapter 4 in the book, "Resource management regimes in the Barents Sea". Lars-Henrik Larsen, from Akvaplan-niva, also contributes to this chapter 4. 

The book should be of interest to students, scholars and policy-makers engaged in Arctic studies, oil and gas studies, energy security, global environmental governance, environmental politics and environmental technology.

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