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#MNDAY16: "Keep listening and learning and you will survive and thrive"

Blogginlägg   •   Okt 12, 2016 11:00 CEST

Vi jobbar i en bransch i ständig förändring. På Mynewsday kommer Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing Officer på Mynewsdesk, att berätta vad som krävs av organisationer för att vara i framkant när det gäller marknadsföring och kommunikation.

Biljetter: Köp biljetter till Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm och Umeå!

Digitalisering och innovation är något som ligger Jonathan Bean nära om hjärtat. Jonathan har jobbat på Mynewsdesk sedan 2009 och leder nu företagets marknadsföringsavdelning. Han är en omtyckt talare som under 2016 bland annat talat på Mediedagarna i Göteborg.

Under Mynewsday blir det stort fokus på vad som krävs av organisationer för att utvecklas och leva upp till de högt ställda kraven i vår digitala värld. Räkna också med en och annan rolig överraskning!

Jonathan är en av två talare vars session kommer att vara på engelska. Intervjun kommer därmed att presenteras på engelska.

Your topic is named “Listen and Learn”. What will you cover during your time on stage and why have you decided to talk about this?
— With over 20 years experience in the marketing and communications game I know that the only certainty in this business is change. My presentation this year will focus on two specific skills that I believe are essential to ensuring you remain at the top of your game. This is listening and learning. We will delve into the human behaviour around content, discuss the quality versus quantity content challenge and I will have a few presents up my sleeve for all Mynewsdesk attendees.

The theme of this year’s Mynewsday is to challenge - how do you challenge yourself?
— Well, I like both being challenged myself and challenging others. Personally, in business I am never satisfied. I believe we and I can always improve on situations, organisations, projects or campaigns. I often look outside and closely benchmark both myself, our organisation and activities with others that I admire. Sometimes I am surprised to learn we are doing really well and sometimes I realise how far we need to travel to be a top class marketing organisation.

Whose talks are you most looking forward to and why?
— Well, I am looking forward to all the presentations at Mynewsday. This years speakers are the strongest lineup we have had. They will be able to give practical advice on the future of communication, marketing and media. But if I needed to choose one I would say as a supporter and sponsor of Blankspot Project and the whole idea behind crowdsourced and paid for quality journalism I am really looking forward to Brit Stakston and Martin Schibbye session.

In your industry, what does the future of comms look like?
— Wow that’s a big question … how long have you got? Hopefully we will be discussing much of this at Mynewsday itself but in short it is all about adapting to change and more effective use of technology and new and emerging channels. But as we all start getting smarter about the technology and channels that we use to reach an ever expanding influencer stakeholder audience creativity will be a the centre of our success or failure. Knowing what your “why” is as a business, what problem your product or service really solves is crucial. Add a layer of creativity to this and some kick arse technology and you should be futureproofed. The only thing I can guarantee however is change. Keep listening and keep learning and you will survive and thrive.

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Platserna tar slut snabbt så se till att boka dina biljetter idag!

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