Corona virus: How it affects Norwegian seafood exports

News   •   May 28, 2020 07:50 UTC

The Norwegian Seafood Council receives many requests from media and industry about how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic affects Norwegian seafood exports and the operations of the Norwegian Seafood Council. As there are many uncertainties and the situation is constantly evolving, we have created this page to give regular updates and analysis.

Seafood is key to rebuilding blue economies post-Corona

Press releases   •   May 12, 2020 07:41 UTC

The seafood industry is set to play a key role in getting Norway’s economy and workforce up and running again in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Norwegian seafood exports fall for the first time in 18 months

Press releases   •   May 06, 2020 04:00 UTC

For the first time since September 2018, Norway has experienced a fall in the value of its seafood exports. In April, 183,000 tonnes of Norwegian seafood were exported to a value of NOK 8.2 billion. This is a decrease of NOK 666 million, or 8 per cent, compared with April 2019. Volumes were also down 7 percent compared to April 2019.

As Norway starts reopening, the seafood industry prepares for a new reality

Press releases   •   Apr 24, 2020 09:57 UTC

This week, the Norwegian government started the careful reopening of society after successfully curbing the spread of the Corona virus with effective measures.

Norwegian seafood exports grow in value in Q1 2020

Press releases   •   Apr 03, 2020 04:00 UTC

Norway exported 213,000 tonnes of seafood worth NOK 9.6 billion in March. This is an increase of NOK 392 million, or 4 per cent, compared with March 2019. In the first quarter, 664,000 tonnes of seafood were exported, worth NOK 28.6 billion. The value of Norwegian seafood exports has increased by NOK 2.9 billion, or 11 per cent, against the same period last year.

How Norway is working to supply seafood during corona crisis

Press releases   •   Mar 27, 2020 08:35 UTC

The Norwegian seafood industry continues its efforts to provide safe, sustainable and nutritious seafood during the ongoing Corona pandemic.

Norwegian industry vows to keep seafood nation running amid Corona-chaos

Press releases   •   Mar 17, 2020 09:26 UTC

The Norwegian seafood industry remains committed to providing safe, sustainable and nutritious food during the ongoing Corona pandemic.

Tremendous growth in Norwegian seafood exports

Press releases   •   Mar 04, 2020 05:00 UTC

Norway exported 216,000 tonnes of seafood totalling NOK 9.3 billion in February. This is a 6 per cent reduction in volume but an increase in value of NOK 1.4 billion, or 17 per cent, compared with February last year. So far this year, 430,000 tonnes of seafood have been exported with a value of NOK 19 billion.

Michelin chefs’ love affair with Norwegian shellfish continues

Press releases   •   Feb 19, 2020 10:34 UTC

As the latest Michelin-stars were awarded to Nordic restaurants at a ceremony in Trondheim Monday evening, seafood from Norway sparkled along. Norwegian shellfish can be found on an increasing number of top restaurants around the world.

A strong start for the Norwegian seafood year – a 15 per cent increase from last year

Press releases   •   Feb 06, 2020 05:01 UTC

Norway exported 207,000 tonnes of seafood totalling NOK 9.8 billion in January. Volume is at the same level as last year, while export value increased by NOK 1.2 billion, or 15 per cent, compared with January 2019.

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