Cruising your way through Crisis Communications: UK vs. USA

Blog posts   •   Jan 29, 2015 14:40 GMT

​Let me set the scene. It is Monday morning at the office, second week on the job. Request from the team to write some blogs on things happening in communications and PR. So, I raised my hand to write about crisis communications and a difference between a proactive US approach versus a proactive UK approach


Get your customer's attention with these 4 content ideas

Blog posts   •   Jan 22, 2015 15:15 GMT

Sometimes old tricks are the most useful ones, that's why they're classics. Here are our top 4 tips based on what we have learned from our most read blog posts from 2014. Maybe you'll find some content ideas for your communication and marketing activities. Let's make 2015 newsworthy!


Mynewsdesk welcomes new partner British Hospitality Association

Press Releases   •   Jan 22, 2015 11:44 GMT

​When it comes to sharing news, views and information about your restaurant, hotel or hospitality business or drumming up publicity, a good story is only half the battle. The other half is getting it out there. Building up and engaging with contacts across a wide range of platforms, ensuring synergy across different mediums, message consistency.


BLACK+DECKER™ launches brand newsrooms across 16 markets to power digital communications

Press Releases   •   Jan 14, 2015 11:47 GMT

BLACK+DECKER™ has introduced digital brand newsrooms and multimedia public relations platforms across 16 of its markets in Europe, Northern America, Australia and New Zealand. The global manufacturer of consumer power tools and home improvement solutions has partnered with the world’s leading digital brand newsroom provider, Mynewsdesk.


Top of the PR pops: Christmas edition

Blog posts   •   Dec 19, 2014 12:12 GMT

Merry Christmas dear readers! Rather than our usual top of the PR pops post we're doing a quick round up of our favourite Christmas campaigns. What are your favourite Christmas campaigns?


What happens when every company is a media company - Tom Foremski I #Futurecomms14

News   •   Dec 12, 2014 13:13 GMT

Former FT journalist and contemporary contributor of Silicon Valley Watcher blog Tom Foremski and Mynewsdesk's Adam Cranfield are discussing media trends and brand publishing. More and more brands are behaving like media companies, publishing content to engender engagement and affinity. What's next for the communications industry?


The reputation economy: why communicators need a seat at the top table

Blog posts   •   Dec 11, 2014 16:55 GMT

​Recently the Harvard Business Review released their Top 100 CEO list. The findings of that research study, and in particular the way it was put together, tell me that after the CFO the top communicator at any company is the CEO’s most important team member.


What is the Future of Communications? PR 2.0 by Deirdre Breakenridge I #FutureComms14

News   •   Dec 11, 2014 15:55 GMT

What is the future of communications? What is hybrid PR like? Deirdre Breakenridge (adjunct professor in marketing & PR, New York University) shared her insights at #FutureComms14 event in London in June 2014.


What are the technologies of PR? I #FutureComms14

News   •   Dec 11, 2014 10:04 GMT

Social and digital technology is playing an increasing role in the ability of brands to reach consumers. Betony Kelly (BIS), Dan Whatmough (Ketchum), Tom Foremski (Silicon Valley Watcher) and Juhani Levola (Deski) shared their thoughts on technologies of PR, in the Futurecomms14 panel hosted by Neville Hobson.


The future of communications: a video guide

Blog posts   •   Dec 11, 2014 08:02 GMT

Are you on top of communications trends? We put together a guide on the communications trends and inspiring PR practices we learned at our event, #FutureComms14, which was held in London in June.

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