#FC15 | The Hidden Heroes Of 7/7

Blog posts   •   Jul 07, 2015 14:49 BST

If the events of 7th July were to unfold again today, how differently would the news emerge? What part would social media channels play in the media? And would the Government and emergency services’ communications teams and strategies be able to cope? Chris Webb explains how his team dealt the crisis 10 years ago today. And his presentation really showed the value of the business we’re in


From Start To Coverage | The Online Newsroom Approach

Blog posts   •   Jul 07, 2015 13:41 BST

​Whether you're a small start-up with an announcement to make or a global brand with big news to break, one way or another you're going to need to get your story out there. You're going to need coverage.


#WeArePR: The journey so far...

Blog posts   •   Jun 30, 2015 11:00 BST

#WeArePR is a project is about listening. We are conducting and publishing these interviews in no intentional order and as a result there was no way of knowing what we might find.


Top of the PR pops: June Highlights

Blog posts   •   Jun 30, 2015 08:04 BST

June has been extremely busy and rewarding for the Mynewsdesk UK crew. Futurecomms15, our flagship PR & comms event, was a success! And we're not the only communicators who have been busy having seen some cool campaigns roll out this month...


Video: Highlights from FutureComms15

Blog posts   •   Jun 29, 2015 16:26 BST

The biggest PR & communications event, FutureComms15, was held in London on 18th June. What got communications professionals talking and how do we stay on top of our PR game? What seems to be the holy PR grail for brands?


What are your digital PR challenges?

Blog posts   •   Jun 23, 2015 16:00 BST

To build a picture of what is required of a modern communicator, Mynewsdesk, the leading online newsroom and all-in-one PR platform, is asking: what are your digital PR challenges?


FutureComms15: A Look Back At The Future Of Comms

Blog posts   •   Jun 23, 2015 11:13 BST

Fiery, opinionated, controversial and moving are just a handful of adjectives that one might choose to use when describing FutureComms15 - the biggest PR and comms event of the year. But personally, I think it was Dan Slee of Comms2point0 who best summed up the gathering, describing it as “a mass punch-up between people who give a stuff…”. We take a look back at the future of comms...


Futurecomms15: PR’s Stockdale Paradox

Blog posts   •   Jun 23, 2015 10:48 BST

Over the years I've come to see that healthy debate stimulates progress and change. Last week I had the pleasure of chairing Mynewsdesk’s Futurecomms15 in London and the outcome was a good argument. I am tired of events that are just filled of corporate case studies and self congratulatory awards. I guess there is a place for those type of events but this was certainly not one of them...


#WeArePR: The PR of politics

Blog posts   •   Jun 22, 2015 16:30 BST

Christine Silfversparre is the 3rd interviewee for the #WeArePR series, an exploration into the evolving world of communications through #PRTech.


A lesson in crisis comms: Apples Antennagate

Blog posts   •   Jun 18, 2015 11:02 BST

Apple frequently faces comms crises; from product related issues such as Antennagate & iOs Maps, to the more serious, image damaging ones (China labour). How do they deal with backlashes and how do they change their PR image?

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