The Power Of Brand Advocates

Blog posts   •   Mar 27, 2015 11:16 GMT

A brand advocate can be invaluable and they can be anyone. With advocates, the age-old phrase “quality over quantity” rings true; it is not necessarily about the size of your fan-base but instead the quality of those people. Who are they? What do they represent? And what could they do for you? We reveal exactly why we love brand advocates…


​PR & Marketing Jargon: Decoded

Blog posts   •   Mar 25, 2015 10:47 GMT

For the times when actual words just won’t suffice, here are our favourite crimes against the English language from the world of PR and marketing!


​The Challenges Faced By B2B Communicators [In Quotes]

Blog posts   •   Mar 24, 2015 10:00 GMT

Digital and social media have influenced new ways of reaching businesses and consumers, but with that comes its challenges. Three PR professionals – Joe Hanley, Wander Bruijel and Steph Macleod – share their advice on how content can help B2B communicators build online communities…


The red engine revs on...

Blog posts   •   Mar 20, 2015 14:45 GMT

​Oh what a year we had! The fantastic clients and employees of Mynewsdesk, helped to make 2014 our best year to date.


​Meerkat: The Lowdown

Blog posts   •   Mar 19, 2015 16:07 GMT

Meerkat (noun): a small southern African mongoose. Or in the marketing world – a live-streaming app that’s causing a bit of a stir. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this March then you’ve probably heard “Meerkat” being bandied around, but, like me, you might not be 100% sure what it is. So without further ado, here’s the lowdown on what you need to know about Meerkat…


Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns: The Best & The Worst

Blog posts   •   Mar 15, 2015 15:49 GMT

While it isn’t the biggest day in the commercial calendar, Mother’s Day still presents marketers with an opportunity to both promote their brand and make money. We take a look at how two well-known names have been using March 15th 2015 to raise awareness about their offering...


How 7 Brands Are Supporting Comic Relief 2015

Blog posts   •   Mar 13, 2015 12:12 GMT

After its usual two-year break, Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day will be back on our screens for another three-hour marathon of performances, stories and entertainments*. We take a look at how some of the UK’s biggest brands will be supporting the charity in 2015…


Newsroom Best Practices blog: some review session tips and tricks!

Blog posts   •   Mar 11, 2015 14:26 GMT

We are excited to re-launch our customer success blog to help all our customers learn how best to utilise and capitalise the amazing space that is their newsrooms. We will be going over content ideas, sharing strategies, SEO tricks and tips, support tools, and many other useful and mind blowing ideas.


Surfing the silver way: watch the reaction of an 82-year-old digital novice join Tinder

Blog posts   •   Mar 09, 2015 14:30 GMT

Today marks the kick off of the EU Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, a discussion on how demographic change can offer new opportunities for innovation and growth - 'the Silver opportunity'.


How do you sustain a great online newsroom?

Blog posts   •   Mar 05, 2015 10:14 GMT

Most organisations are transitioning to the brand newsroom approach. What sets apart those who are succeeding from those who are not is investment in technology. A robust content management system, with blogging capability and social-media integration eliminates some of the tedious publishing tasks and enables you to create streamlined processes.

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