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Art from the The Ode To exhibited at Bjelin by Joyn Studio. #TheFloorIsYours
Art from the The Ode To exhibited at Bjelin by Joyn Studio. #TheFloorIsYours

Art objects carefully curated by The Ode To are the focal points at Bjelin during Stockholm Design Week 2021

Event date 7 February 2021 – 20 February 2021

Location Bjelins showroom, Sibyllegatan 38, Stockholm

Sculptural objects of art are the focal point in a playfully framed exhibition created by Joyn Studio together with The Ode To in the showroom of flooring company Bjelin at Sibyllegatan 38 in Stockholm. The exhibition rests solidly on Bjelin's best selling herringbone patterned click flooring, which comes in various colors, wood materials and designs.

The inspirational exhibition can be experienced from street level in the shopping windows of Bjelin's showroom at Sibyllegatan 38 i Stockholm, from the 7th of February to the 20th of February 2021.

The artists are:

Fanny Bylund

Caroline Harrius

Sofi Gunnstedt

Fanny Ollas

Erika Kristofersson Bredberg

Maria Lenskjöld


Joakim Nyström

Lisa Ericsson

Emeli Höcks


The exhibition is part of Bjelin's initiative #TheFloorIsYours to donate flooring to designers for showcasing their creative and sustainable work during 2021.  



Press contacts

Tomas Klinta

Tomas Klinta

Press contact Art/Creative Director

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Bjelin is part of the Swedish family-owned Pervanovo company group based in Viken, in the south of Sweden, with state-of-the-art production facilities in Croatia. The group has 2200 employees with a yearly turnover of close to 2 billion SEK. The founders of Bjelin invented the world’s first laminate flooring products during their time at Perstorp in the late 1970s before introducing the innovative click flooring in the 1990s, now the company group's leading product line. Bjelin's global sales organization are currently marketing their latest green flooring innovation, Hardened Wood, a technology for creating durable and eco-friendly flooring. Hardened Wood made by Woodura® technology is patented by the group’s R&D company Välinge Innovation AB,