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Logistics and e-commerce solution provides efficiencies and improved stock management

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Logistics and e-commerce solution provides efficiencies and improved stock management

With 145 member companies, Elkedjan is one of Sweden's largest nationwide chains for electricians. In order to give members access to the latest technology and gain greater control of their own stock and material requirements, Elkedjan, in collaboration with Connect Companies, has launched Elkedjan Nara. With Elkedjan Nara, member companies can access a modern B2B logistics and e-commerce solution which links their own warehouse and cars with Elkedjan's central warehouse.

There are few industries that are as material-intensive and dependent on having access to their warehouse as electricians. If they can manage stock efficiently and streamline operations, the pay-off can be quick in terms of time and money. In addition, it creates a workflow which enables electricians to offer customers a better service and well-executed installations.

“For many years, our industry has needed to streamline inventory management and purchasing practices which is where the concept of Elkedjan Nara derived from. There was no doubt that a comprehensive solution was needed which would provide accurate stock inventory to enable electricians to stay one step ahead. Today, we offer members a tool that provides them with full control over their own stock. The order system is automated, which optimizes stock control in warehouses”, says Christian Nordemark, the man behind Elkedjan Nara.

Simplicity a key success factor
Elkedjan Nara is a seamless process which uses web browsers, barcodes, hand scanners and now, mobile phones. Every day, electricians are now able to order exactly what they need. The material requested automatically ends up on their work order, which ensures less waste. There is a minimum limit set on all supplies used. When that limit is reached, an automatic order is sent to the central warehouse for delivery. The solution means that members are never without important material, while at the same time not unnecessarily tying up capital. The system provides a clear balance history and the cost of inventory.

“With the introduction of the new mobile application, the solution is enhanced so that each car can be seen as an integral part of the warehouse. This gives both the company and the individual electrician a precise insight into what is in the car. At the same time, it becomes easier to see whether a member is missing certain stock. Importantly, the solution is fully compatible with our members' various ERP-systems. Today, we have a cohesive overall solution that makes a big difference in the everyday working lives of our 145 members”, Christian Nordemark continues.

Process and overview is as important as installation
Like many other industries, electrical installation requires a holistic approach in order to be profitable and offer a valued service.

“Today, it´s not enough to just be a good electrician, you have to have full control of the whole process and not least your own warehouse. With Elkedjan Nara, we have helped our members to increase accessibility and proximity to their own customers. Installation work should not be delayed or complicated due to logistics or lack of materials. It´s always possible to develop and improve, but I think we have taken a huge step forward with the introduction of Elkedjan Nara”, says Christian Nordemark.

“Connect Company's work in relation to the development of Elkedjan Nara has been a decisive success factor. They have added a great deal of technical expertise in system development and integration. Their CAIE application platform and the Blue Integrator integration engine are key components. At the same time, they have shown a very good understanding of our business model and how our members work every day. They have a unique approach. Without their efforts and insights we would not have succeeded with such a comprehensive and complex project”, concludes Christian Nordemark.

Elkedjan Nara in summary:
• Provides full control of own stock and simplifies inventory management
• Simplifies planning - purchasing via automated e-commerce
• Gives members easy access to Elkedjan's central warehouse
• Streamlines the electrician's installation work
• Improves profitability and reduces material waste
• Integrated with members' various ERP-systems


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Darren Cottom

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