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The size of the sculpture The Mother by Tracey Emin coming to Oslo, Norway late summer 2021. Illustration by J & L Gibbons

The large sculpture The Mother outside the new MUNCH will be installed towards the end of the year

MUNCH opens in the autumn of 2021. Outside of the museum, facing the Oslo Fjord, Oslo will have a new large sculpture; The Mother, created by British artist Tracey Emin. The sculpture arrives from London to Oslo during the summer, where the parts will be assembled together by the artist’s production team. Towards the end of the year, The Mother will be lifted to the new area where it will be p

Welcome to Culture Oslo!

This is the mutual press room for the three cultural agencies in the City of Oslo: The Agency for Cultural Affairs (Kulturetaten), Oslo Public Library Deichman and Munchmuseet.

Culture Oslo

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