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Meet the winner of the “Danish Liquorice Taste Award 2018” in Helsinki

Lehdistötiedote   •   Loka 26, 2018 08:31 EEST

Lehdistötiedoite vierailevalta näytteilleasettajalta: Forget everything you know about traditional liquorice allsorts!

On the small Danish island of Ærø, this traditional confectionery has been reinvented by the creative entrepreneur Claus Hattesen, and his delicious squares are quickly conquering the high-end candy market. If you’re one for outstanding taste and quality, the liquorice allsorts from Hattesens Konfektfabrik will surely win your heart (and your tastebuds).

The liquorice allsorts from Konfektfabrikken are handmade using traditional methods. You can tell the difference from the first bite: the natural flavours and aromas, and the lovely smooth texture and consistency of the liquorice. The company’s motto is “less sugar, more taste”, hence only ingredients of the highest quality are used in the production - dried fruit and berries, as well as natural oils and aromas.

The confectionery is available in 12 variations, combined into boxes each with 3 sorts:
Red – blueberry, gooseberry, strawberry
Orange – lemon, orange, passionfruit
Brown – liquorice, chocolate, mocha 

Explore the universe of Hattesens Konfektfabrik here:
Hattesens Konfektfabrik is a project part-funded by the EU’s program for the development of rural areas (LAG).

In the Danish section in the Liquorice Festival, you can also meet:

Møn Bolcher (drops) & Møn Dragée
Handmade drops and dragees from the old Sugar Factory in Møn in Denmark. Unique flavours, high quality ingredients and traditional craftsmanship in combination, makes the ultimate tasting experience. Dragees based on liquorice, almonds and walnuts and with a huge variety of flavours.

Top quality raw liquorice from the best licorice producers in the world – supplying the Food Industry since 1891. Experience the difference between the various raw liquorice products from liquorice roots to liquorice powder and various granulates.

Nuts N’ More
Gourmet Nuts, Chocolate and Licorice with different coatings and flavours. One of their specialties is salty licorice coated in white chocolate and lemon. The salty taste from the licorice, the sweetness from the white chocolate, and the sourness from the lemon, creates a perfect balance. This is a must try.

For more information contact Eva Vedel, Organizer of the Danish Liquorice Festival,, +4521207585

Lakritsi- &Salmiakkifestivaalit
Tukholmassa ja Helsingissä vuosittain järjestettävien Lakritsi- & Salmiakkifestivaalien tavoitteena on levittää lakritsin ilosanomaa, luoda yhteisöllisyyttä ja jakaa tietoa. Tukholmassa tapahtuma on järjestetty vuodesta 2009 alkaen. Viime vuonna Helsingissä tapahtuma keräsi 9 000 kävijää kahden päivän aikana. Tämä oli reilu lisäys edellisvuoden kävijämäärään, joka oli reilut 6 300.

27.–28. lokakuuta on Suomen viidensien Lakritsi- & Salmiakkifestivaalin vuoro Helsingin Wanhassa Satamassa. Festivaalin pääsponsorina toimii tänäkin vuonna Fazer.

Tapahtuman organisoi Tuija Räsänen, Oy Lakrits Finland Ab.

Lue lisää osoitteista,, ja,, www.instagram.som/lakritsfestivalen.