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Strong signal from Europe's largest cruise market - sustainability award for Havila Voyages

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Strong signal from Europe's largest cruise market - sustainability award for Havila Voyages

Havila Voyages took first place in the "Sustainability" category at this year's "Fair Play Awards" organized by the "Cruise Initiative" sales association in Hamburg. The award honors shipping companies that have distinguished themselves through particularly cooperative and transparent collaboration with sales partners and tour operators.

For Pia Kuusisto, Head of Germany, who accepted the award on behalf of Havila Voyages, this is a strong signal: "Germany is the largest cruise market in Europe - and the second largest in the world. To receive such a high level of appreciation for our work from here is simply fantastic!"

The jury based its decision on the consistent and far-reaching measures that the shipping company implements to ensure the most environmentally friendly ship operations possible along the Norwegian coast. These measures are also clearly recognizable for sales partners and end customers.

Northern Europe is one of the most attractive destinations for German passengers, with a share of around 40 per cent. The aspect of sustainability and the prospect of climate-neutral cruises is becoming increasingly important. This is evident from the regular surveys conducted by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the global association of the cruise industry.

Havila Voyages' declared goal is to achieve climate neutrality for its fleet by 2028 and zero emissions by 2030. Based on current knowledge, hydrogen is to be used as an emission-free fuel alternative. The special thing about this is that no new ships are required, only minor modifications to the existing fleet.

Havila Voyages' holistic sustainability concept is unique in the industry. It not only includes the propulsion technology of the ships, which can travel through sensitive ecosystems purely electrically and silently for up to four hours. The other pillars of the overall concept are also key: with its food concept, Havila Voyages had the clear goal of contributing to the reduction of food waste in the industry. The aim was to generate only 75 grams of food waste per person per day on board the ships. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the result fell to 60 grams and for the year as a whole to 54 grams.

"Respect for the environment and the people who live in Norway and from nature is firmly anchored in our DNA. This award is an important signal for us and shows that Havila Voyages is absolutely on the right track with its sustainability endeavors," adds Lasse A. Vangstein, Chief Communications Officer at the shipping company.




Lasse A. Vangstein

Lasse A. Vangstein

Press contact Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Communication, marketing & sustainability +47 93449954

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