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The crew on board Havila Capella received the Food Saver of the Year 2024 Award on behalf of the company. (Photo: Martin Giskegjerde/Oclin)
The crew on board Havila Capella received the Food Saver of the Year 2024 Award on behalf of the company. (Photo: Martin Giskegjerde/Oclin)

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Havila Voyages is Food Saver of the Year

During the Q Food Saver Day on Wednesday, June 5th, Havila Voyages was named Food Saver of the Year 2024.

In recent years, the Norwegian dairy company “Q-Meieriene” has actively worked to raise awareness about food saving.

"Food saving is high on the agenda at Q-Meieriene, and we aim to contribute to increased knowledge and inspiration in the fight against food waste," says Kristine Aasheim, better known as the Q Chief.

For the sixth year in a row, she and Q-Meieriene invite schools from across the country to participate in the Q Food Saver Day, with thousands of students participating from all over Norway.

"We want to spread knowledge and engagement for food saving both through our educational program and this Food Saver Day. Of course, it is free for all schools to participate," says Aasheim about the digital session filled with educational content and engaging participation shared by inspiring food savers.

"Since 2018, we have awarded over 30 “Q Food Saver Awards” to individuals, organizations, and others who make an extra effort for food saving," says Q Chief Kristine Aasheim.

The awards go to those who stand out in their efforts to reduce food waste and are distributed by Q-Meieriene every other month. All award winners are nominated for the honorary award "Food Saver of the Year".

Havila Voyages on Top
In strong competition with Meny, Larsen Bakery, Sulten, Årethun Distribution, and Sørumsand School, Havila Voyages received the honorary award "Food Saver of the Year 2024".

The jury's reasoning was as follows:
The winner can demonstrate the impact of what they have done to make a real difference. They have been innovative and come up with a better way of doing things to reduce food waste. They speak loudly about food saving and are a great inspiration. They set clear goals and truly have a passion for food saving, and they have done so since day one. The Food Saver of the Year is Havila Voyages.

The "Food Saver of the Year 2024" receives a gift voucher of 50,000 Norwegian kroner.

"We are very proud that our efforts to reduce food waste are recognized with this honorary award. This award is for our employees, who every day make an excellent effort to minimize food waste on board our ships. Therefore, we will also use the gift voucher for welfare initiatives for the employees on board our four ships," says CEO Bent Martini of Havila Voyages.

Martini explains that sustainability is an important part of Havila Voyages' business, and in 2023 Havila Voyages had only 58 grams of food waste per passenger night on board their ships.

"Our mission is to reduce our footprint in the areas we are fortunate enough to sail in. We are committed to reducing emissions from our ships and have the lowest CO2 emissions ever delivered on the coastal route from Bergen to Kirkenes”.

"In our hotel operations on board, we are constantly trying to find the best solutions. Reducing food waste is one such measure, which we have succeeded well with. It is good for the economy, and most importantly, it is good for the environment. In addition, most of the food served in our restaurants is locally sourced and produced," he concludes.




Lasse A. Vangstein

Lasse A. Vangstein

Press contact Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Communication, marketing & sustainability +47 93449954

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