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Helge Branscheidt and Vicki Bååth selected for Liseberg’s ‘Peak Fear Experiment’.

Vicki from Gamleby and Helge from Hamburg have been selected for Liseberg’s ‘Peak Fear Experiment’

After an extensive selection process, two people have been chosen to take part in Liseberg’s ‘Peak Fear Experiment’. More than 1,640 applications were received from 22 countries, and the jury finally chose two participants for ‘The Peak Fear Experiment’ – Vicki Bååth, a teacher from Gamleby, Sweden and Helge Branscheidt, a hair- & makeup artist from Hamburg, Germany. The experiment will take place

Liseberg - the most beloved destination

Liseberg is one of the leading amusement parks in Europe, offering top-notch entertainment, attractions, restaurants, and accommodation. Every year, the park welcomes approximately 3 million visitors, making Liseberg Sweden's most visited destination.


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