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2020 summer reads in PR and communication

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2020 summer reads in PR and communication

As most organizations run on low speed at the moment, employees who do work get the chance to catch up on what they rarely have time for otherwise. To help you gain insights and inspiration for new challenges coming up in fall, read on for our top content picks.

Crisis communication
The big and first stir caused by COVID-19 has settled, but no one knows what the future brings. Take advantage of the calmness in July and update your crisis communication plan. Remember to tweak it according to all the lessons you have made over the past couple of months.

Strong brands are more likely to survive rough periods. A proven method for strengthening brands is through storytelling, where the why of a company is more important to communicate than the what.

There is a lot to learn about storytelling techniques. Begin by reading these three blog posts:

Webinar: Together with three experts, we will discuss why storytelling in social media is important and share our best practices. Watch the webinar here.

To help you get started, we’ve got a template you can use to set up a storytelling strategy and framework for your business. Access the template here.

Have a lovely summer, and we hope you’ll learn something new! 


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