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9 quick considerations to improve the health of your PR

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9 quick considerations to improve the health of your PR

Man alive! So far we are having one HOT summer. And synonymous with the summertime is a raft of health-focused goods and activities… summer menus full of healthy salads and seasonal produce, outdoor exercise from running and cycling to team sports, and perhaps most importantly well-earned holidays to kick back and relax!

But while we may be taking care of ourselves, what about the health of our PR activities? We’ve put together a few quick considerations to keep your PR and communications efforts in fine fettle!

Eating well to PR that’s swell

1. Eat well… We’re all aware of what foods are good for us, and similarly we should have a good idea of what PR tactics will get the best results. Regular reviews of your activities will help you understand what works and what doesn’t – let your analysis inform future campaigns to ensure you work as effectively as possible.

2. Cut down on the junk food… While foods that are high in sugar and fat can give us a little boost, the energy you get is short-lived and inevitably you will crash. When it comes to creating campaigns the same can apply. Look to build campaigns that will have longevity rather than just a momentary impact.

3. Maintain a balanced diet… We should look to consume a range of different foods to ensure we get all the nutrients we need. And when it comes to pushing out your press releases, using multiple channels can help you reach a range of different audiences. Journalists and influencers all have different preferences for receiving news, so it’s important to cover all the bases.

Getting active to PR that’s attractive

4. Always stretch before physical activity… Stretching before exercise helps you prepare for your work-out and reduces the risk of injury. Likewise, before embarking on any campaign it’s important to analyse potential reputational risks and plan exactly what’s needed in order to be successful. With campaigns ranging in complexity due to their different elements, it’s prudent to have a clear idea how your workflow will play out across its lifetime.

5. Exercise regularly… Regular comms activities – much like physical activities – can have immediate and long-term health benefits. In the shorter term, regularly updated content can help improve your SEO ranking, helping bring your online presence to the fore. Longer term, regular engagement with your audience can help develop your company’s brand and market position.

6. Get creative… Nothing’s more tedious than a run-of-the-mill work-out routine, and the same can be said for an unimaginative press release. In order to be truly engaging, sometimes you need to mix things up a bit to get noticed. A striking image, a powerful video, an ingenious infographic – eye-catching multimedia can help your news stand out from the crowd.

A healthy mind to PR that’s refined

7. Engage in positive relationships… To maintain a healthy mind it’s important to connect with the people around you and build strong social links and support networks. When looking at who to send your press releases to, it’s equally important to have solid relationships in place. Who are they, what do they write about, does your news fit with their publication? Be selective with who you target to ensure greater engagement with your content.

8. Be mindful… Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better. In a PR context this also holds true. Monitoring can positively change how you understand your brand and how you approach your campaigns. Keep abreast of trends and key issues in your industry, look at what your competitors are doing, and get a deeper understanding of how you’re perceived in the marketplace.

9. Keep learning… Aside from the obvious benefits, learning can also give you a sense of achievement and more self-confidence. And perhaps obviously, keeping your PR skill set up-to-date will provide benefits to you on a personal level as well as your company. There are a host of resources available: white papers, templates, how-to documents, reports - all can help you to stay sharp in your role.

If you’d like help keeping your PR healthy, get in touch to see how we can get your next campaign off the ground. And in the spirit of good health, we’re helping you stay hydrated with a free aluminium sports bottle for all those that take a demo of our platform before 10 August 2018. In addition, one lucky person will win a set of Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones so you can stay connected while on the run.



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