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AI in PR – why human judgement remains our greatest asset

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AI in PR – why human judgement remains our greatest asset

The future of PR lies not in replacing human creativity and judgement with machines but in leveraging technology to enhance these uniquely human attributes. As we look ahead, the industry must remain steadfast in its commitment to ethical practices, embracing the potential of AI while upholding the importance of human oversight and intuition.

In the ever-accelerating pace of technological advancements, where artificial intelligence is now reshaping industries and human interactions, the essence of human judgement becomes paramount, not least in the realm of public relations. In a world that is spinning faster than ever before, we need to go back to basics, to core human values, and use these as a shield against desinformation and fake news. And those of us who mean well, we need to be on top of new technologies. Only when we understand them, can we understand how to defend ourselves against those who use these new technologies to do harm.

As the CEO of Mynewsdesk, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of AI in our industry. And, in this whirlwind of innovation, one truth has become crystal clear to me: the unparalleled power of human insight, creativity, and ethical judgement is more crucial now than ever before.

Last year, Mynewsdesk embarked on a significant AI-journey, integrating this technology across our platform to enhance our services. This journey revealed incredible results, from deeper insights to more efficient communication strategies, helping our clients save precious time for creativity and meaningful communication. However, this technological advancement has underscored a critical realisation: technology, no matter how advanced, cannot replace the human core at the heart of communication.

As we navigate through a landscape marked by fake news and disinformation, the responsibility of PR professionals becomes significant. The advent of generative AI technologies, capable of producing content at an unprecedented scale, presents new challenges and opportunities. The technology itself is not inherently good or bad. Whether it does good or bad is up to us, who use it. By using AI responsibly, we can amplify our capacity to do good, combat misinformation, and foster a more informed and understanding society.

In conclusion, as we are now in the midst of an intensive digital transformation, it is crucial for us, as communicators and PR professionals, to champion a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around. By nurturing and applying our human judgement, creativity, and ethical standards, we can steer the narrative towards a bright, and responsible future for the PR and communications industry.

Let us embrace this challenge with courage, curiosity, and a deep commitment to the values that define us.




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