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Here is what's new in your Mynewsdesk product

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Here is what's new in your Mynewsdesk product

At Mynewsdesk we continuously work hard to deliver the best all-in-one PR tool on the market. We are proud to share our long list of product improvements accomplished in the past couple of months.

Some of these improvements are rather big and you probably noticed them already, but we also made some pretty impressive more minor improvements. Let us guide you through them to make sure you don’t miss out on all the good stuff!

Easier to find relevant contacts
The content chaos we all experience every day has become a fact, meaning that reaching out to your relevant audience just got even more important. We made several improvements in the product to support precisely that:

  • The functionality Audience Targeting allows you to find relevant journalists based on your articles – with a bit of help from AI of course. This functionality has been around for some time now, but it just got even better. When AI has done the match with you and your relevant journalists, you now get to see how great of a match we actually think it is. And if they have written about your company in the past, we will make sure to highlight that for you.
  • We also improved the functionality of Mynewsdesk’s contact database in the Norwegian and Danish markets, making it possible to search for journalists based on subject, media outlet, and region under the function Find Contacts. Before deciding to add the journalists to your distribution lists, you have the possibility to view previous articles they have published – just to make sure they are relevant journalists for your content and industry.

  • One of our most recent improvements is in the Audience Builder service. We added the new functionality of a contact information page, where you can see more detailed information on the contact you are considering adding to your distribution lists. You can also do quick searches for media outlets, and we added a name search option. The search result list has also been improved with a better view.

Evaluate and analyze your work
Understanding the effect of your PR efforts is essential for making good strategic and data-driven decisions. We wanted to make sure it is easy to access and understand the data and insights on your reach and how your content is performing and decided to open the access to more insights while improving parts of the entire Analyze module as well:

  • Analyze Overview is a fresh new service now giving everyone access to insights on performance, data of reach and media hits, no matter the subscription. You can also select a specific period to compare publications, and we updated it all with new charts to visualise and make it easier to understand your data. The publication summary is also accessible straight from your dashboard. And if you want to save any of your data for later, we also made improvements to importing data from Analyze.

  • We also made quite a few improvements to the Analyze module, making it easier for you to keep track of your email reach and see who has shown interest in your publications, as well as adding filtering of the data.

  • We also added a new setting for you to adjust the labeling of low to high relevance on the media hits you are getting. Articles we considered as low relevance were previously hidden, but now you can see them and decide for yourself if you think it is of higher relevance and adjust the labelling, and vice versa: Hide articles you disagree on being of high relevance. This will make your data on PR impact more accurate.

  • The functionality of seeing your media hits and PR impact was also launched in two different markets recently: Austria and Switzerland!

Media Monitoring got easier
What would we do without Media Monitoring? If you are using Monitor as intended, you will be happy to hear we’ve made the tool easier to work with.

  • This update might seem small, but it makes your workflow smoother, as the media feed view is now presented in a list view instead of cards to improve the readability. Along with this, there’s also a new design for your email alerts.

And then we have quite a few other improvements as well:

  • Change thumbnail on videos: Either using the media bank or from 9 pre-generated images.
  • Account Overview page: You can now see information on your subscription and dedicated contact person in your settings.
  • Download several images at once: The receiver of a press release, news or blog post can now download all the related media at once to save valuable time.
  • Admin update: Keep track of which of your newsroom users published what content.

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