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How To Choose The Right PR Tools For Your Business Goals

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How To Choose The Right PR Tools For Your Business Goals

Mastering one technology is a challenge, particularly given their ever-changing nature. But becoming proficient with many technology tools is near impossible, even if you devote all your time to learning them! Let’s have a look at this simple 5-step formula to pick the tech tool that is right for you.

With the glut of technology available and almost half of practitioners saying they’re not using it effectively, strategically streamlining your use of PR tech will help set you up for success. And, of course, set you apart from your competitors.

Just as you should take a strategic approach to creating a digital PR strategy, you need to take a similar approach to determining the best technology for your organisation. Here are five steps to get you started:

1. Go through your documented digital PR strategy and write down each tool you need to implement it. Then, put your needs in order of priority, for example, if measurement is a critical component, a tool with strong analytics features may be higher on your list than a technology focused on assisting in creating content.

2. Detail the technology categories used by your team as well as others in the marketing and sales departments. Under each category, identify the tool name, brand name, how it’s used in your organisation, price, benefits and challenges.

3. Discover what categories could use new technology or could use better technology to execute work more effectively and efficiently.

4. Research providers that can fill the gaps or fix problems. Ensure the ones you select will work within your organisation’s parameters, will allow for realistic growth and can talk to each other as necessary. Does your CMS feed into your CRM? Don’t forget to evaluate how the provider will aid in training your team to use the technology.

5. Review the data and don’t forget to look at which providers offer technology that serves purposes across multiple categories.

How to secure buy-in from upper management

Whether you opt to add or consolidate your tech tools, you’ll likely need to secure the budget to pay for them. Fortunately, 60% of practitioners say their senior management invests in digital technology with PR and communications, according to the state of digital PR study. Whether you’re in that group or the other 40%, a solid business case must be made. So, when reporting to the decision-makers:

1. Show how the technology is necessary to efficiently and effectively implement your digital PR strategy. Be specific, but don’t ask for every tool available.

2. Don’t limit your explanation of benefits to digital PR. Show how the technology can assist other organisational communication efforts – internal, corporate, investor relations, marketing, etc.

3. Detail how the technology supports measurement and analytics. Perhaps your organisation is similar to those in the state of digital PR study. The five most frequently cited media measurement categories important to their organisations include:

[Image source:]

  • Brand perception (70%)
  • Return on investment (61%)
  • Total impressions (60%)
  • Total reach (59%)
  • Sales pipeline (53%)

4. Conclude succinctly by explaining how the technology contributes to your organisation’s PR and communications goals as well as its business objectives.

Don’t let the abundance of marketing and PR technology leave you feeling overwhelmed. Be proactive. Take a deep breath then dive into a methodical process to assess what technology you need to successfully implement your digital PR strategy. If you don’t have a digital PR strategy in place, part one of our three-part series will guide you through how to craft one.

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