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Key takeaways from Digital Mynewsday 2020

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Key takeaways from Digital Mynewsday 2020

Mynewsday is over for now - and what a fantastic day! The speakers gave us a great dose of inspiration on trends and insights from the world of PR and communications.

So what were the key takeaways from the speakers? For those of you who missed the event, we got you covered. We have summarized all key insights from the inspiring sessions.

Sofia Kacim: Authentic communication - how to build a community in a filtered world
Sofia Kacim is a rhetoric consultant & Co-founder of the global women’s HER Global Network. On Mynewsday she shared her journey with the community and how you can work with authentic communication.

Highlights from Sofias session:

  • Just taking a stand on issues is not enough today, you must act and preferably have acted before speaking about it.
  • Values should not be something to just put up on the wall or in a company presentation. To be able to communicate authentically, you need to stay true to and live by your values, long term. All employees should be able to give examples of how you as a company are value driven in day-to-day operations.
  • Millennials and Gen Z were raised on the internet, and are truly value driven when it comes to choosing their preferred brands. They can smell out unauthentic messaging in an instant. Make sure to listen to your customers, target groups and audiences to find your common ground and values. As a brand, you need to truly care and make proper investments in an issue or topic to earn the right to use it for communications and marketing purposes. 

Christina Knight: The end of the Mad Men Era
Christina Knight is a Creative Director with over 30 years experience of advertising. She has been awarded for her creative work and is a strong advocate for gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the advertising industry, which was also the topic on Mynewsday.

Highlights from Christina's session:

  • Diversity is not a quick fix, your organisation need to invest to make real change
  • How do you contribute to improving the world? Think about what type of content you produce and share and what people you represent and how.
  • Shared responsibility. It’s not just up to the company, you need to make an effort and engage and educate through your daily work.

Ditte Christensen: Take advantage of AI to do the boring parts of your work
Ditte works as a Communications Advisor at Mynewsdesk and also is an external lecturer in PR, debate and strategy at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Ditte shared her trend research on how the robots entry will affect today's communicator and how we can benefit from that.

Highlights from the session:

  • Don’t be scared of the technology - see the possibilities with outsourcing your most repetitive boring tasks
  • AI can give space for creativity and fun - so take that chance to be more creative!
  • Trust and credibility is becoming more important, while AI is getting more accurate with prediction and comprehension, context can still be lost.

Daniel Jonsson: The future of PR and communication, powered by the latest AI technology
Daniel is Head of Data Analysis at Mynewsdesk and he has been a strong contributor to Mynewsdesk latest product updates, with the help from AI. On Mynewsday he shared how the PR and communications industry can use data and AI and how far we have come.

Highlights from the session:

  • AI may have come far, but we’re not all there yet. Most companies don’t have advanced AI systems in place.
  • Learn from data, and it will lead you towards new insights
  • AI will never be human enough, it still need that last touch 

Keep an eye out for the recorded sessions in our Knowledge hub.

Thank you to all the fantastic communicators, marketers and PR professionals who participated. See you again next year!

Mynewsday is an industry event in PR and communications with the purpose to inspire, educate professionals in PR, communications, and marketing.




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