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Anne-Lise Mørch von der Fehr
Anne-Lise Mørch von der Fehr

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PR is more than just “icing on the cake”

In the business world of today, there’s a significant misconception. Some people seem to think that PR and communication is just “nice to have”, and not really necessary for a company's success. However, after working more than 20 years in journalism and communication, I've seen just how essential these roles are for any organisation looking to achieve its goals.

Understanding the bigger picture

My experience has taught me something important: being good at PR and communication means you need to be able to see the bigger picture. It’s not just about knowing how to talk about your company, it's about understanding what your company does, how it works, and what it stands for. This means getting to know the people you work with and what's important to them. It’s about making sure you're not just another voice, but a voice that truly understands and represents the DNA of the organisation you work for.

Leaders need to realise that communication is so much more than “nice to have”; it's a must-have. To get this point across, I think that we need to show that we're not just good at communicating. We're also good at business. We understand what the company needs and how to get there, all while keeping in mind what's happening in the world and what our customers care about.

Speaking up in the face of criticism

Questions concerning the value of our work is an opportunity for us to show how valuable we are. We need to jump into discussions, share our thoughts online, and not shy away from debates. We must show, with real examples, the good work we do and the difference it makes.

Both Caroline Thunved, who is a fellow expert in this year's PR-report by Mynewsdesk, and I believe that if we don't speak up, any negative conceptions about our profession will continue to spread. By talking about our work and its impact, we can change the way people think about PR and communication. This is our chance to show that what we do matters, especially in difficult times. Take the pandemic as an example, where we experienced the value of right communication and the difference it made.

Standing strong together and true to our ethical compass

Looking at how journalists tend to stick together and talk about the importance of ethics gives us a good model to follow. Having these discussions makes us stronger and helps us face criticism better. Just like a fire drill prepares you for an emergency, talking about ethical issues prepares us to defend our profession, and builds trust.

Furthermore, as we deal with fake news and people losing trust in institutions, it’s more important than ever for journalists and PR professionals to work together. We're facing some of the same problems, so let's use our combined strength to tackle these challenges.

Wrapping up

I believe that PR and communication professionals are more important than ever. It's up to us to show how vital we are. By understanding the bigger picture, joining in on debates, and sticking to our ethical standards, we can prove just how indispensable we are.

Let’s use these challenges as a chance to highlight our value and push the field of strategic communication forward. It's time to show that we're not just “icing on the cake”, but a key ingredient to our organisations' success.




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