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The very best of 2021

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The very best of 2021

2021 is coming to an end and although it might not have been the year we were expecting, it has brought some new and interesting perspectives on PR and communication. The industry is changing rapidly, as well as how, when and where we work. For you to be well prepared for 2022, we have put together a summary of our most popular content during the past year!

Coffee & Communications

During 2021 we had over 3300 PR and Communications professionals registering for our Coffee & Communications webinars. The episodes are just 30 minutes long and deep dive into the most common areas within PR and Communications.

Here’s our top 4 episodes:

  • Write SEO friendly content
  • Turn storytelling into a fairytale
  • Write the perfect press release
  • Pitch your story to a journalist

We will continue the webinar series in the beginning of 2022, make sure to tune in!


Mynewsday is Mynewsdesk's industry leading, yearly event. In 2021s edition, 1500 Marketers, PR professionals and Communicators signed up to get new perspectives on the future or PR. The most popular session this year was from Christine Calvert, Norway’s Text Doktor. Amongst other valuable teachings, she covered how to stand out from the crowd in today's content chaos - where everyone wants to be seen and heard at the same time.

Learn how to produce better content in Christines presentation “Write well, be understood” from Mynewsday 2021!

Our most popular guide: The Ultimate SEO Guide

Do you want to drive tons of organic traffic and improve your rankings on the search engine results page? In that case, this SEO guide will give you everything you need to get started! With several thousands downloads already, this Guide was by far Mynewsdesk’s most popular piece of the year.

Our most popular blog: 5 Ways to create more engaging content

Great content needs to spark interest. Read our most popular blog post to learn how to attract a loyal following and create engagement around your brand!

Hope you have a wonderful end of the year and are ready to greet 2022 with new inspiration and knowledge! If you would like even more useful tips and content, make sure to visit our library!




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