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Why you should focus (and spend!) on content

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Why you should focus (and spend!) on content

According to Mynewsdesk's report ‘State of Nordic PR’, content is one of the top priorities among Nordic companies: six out of ten PR and communications professionals say their businesses see content as an important cornerstone of their overall business strategy, and nearly 75% have an elaborate content strategy.

Trends also show that companies around the world are prioritizing spending a larger share of their marketing budget on content. According to Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor with the Content Marketing Institute, who has been in the industry for over two decades, we are now facing a shift in the way organizations view content:

“Businesses are starting to not only see content assets as strategic - but also the process of creating, managing, activating, and promoting them. They are starting to see content as a strategic function of the business - something that is formal, scalable, and measurable. As a result, content is finally taking the central and strategic role it deserves.”

Content becomes a matter of survival
Whether it's scrolling our social media feeds, reading the latest news on local news sites, or checking our email inbox, we are constantly being fed content in different ways. This places greater demands on companies to ensure that the content they distribute is relevant, exciting, and valuable to capture their target audience's attention.

As companies choose to prioritize more of their budget on content, the competition becomes more fierce and the pressure to create high-quality content higher. As a result, it has become natural for content to take a more significant strategic role in organizations - simply because it is essential to survive as a business.

46% believe that the quality of content produced today is too low
In addition, the statistics also show that 52% of those working in PR and communications believe that far too much content is being produced today.

This perception can also be confirmed from a consumer perspective. A global survey by Havas Group found that less than half of the content distributed by brands was considered meaningful to consumers. The study also showed that consumers see less than half of brands as credible.

The biggest challenge: building trust
The ‘State of Nordic PR 2022’ report further confirms consumers' distrust of brands as PR and communications professionals themselves believe this is the biggest challenge - creating content that builds trust in their brand.

We live in a time when consumers have become more cynical, critical, and indifferent toward brands. As a result, companies today need to prioritize their resources on content that adds value, cultivates the relationship with the consumer, and over time builds trust.

However, it's not enough to prioritize your resources on valuable content alone, you also need to be able to differentiate yourself to stand out from the noise.

"To cut through and build trust, you need to go that extra mile." - Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor with the Content Marketing Institute

Robert Rose argues that to achieve this, companies must dare to think outside the box and deliver something unique - whether the content is intended to educate, help, inspire or entertain.

Dare to prioritize content, it will benefit you in the future
We have highlighted that content will have a new role to play across the business, and this is something that the marketing industry, and therefore everyone else in the business, should take into account. We see a shift, and the strategic role of content is here to stay; and as a company, this should be top-of-mind for future strategies.

In Mynewsdesk's ‘State of Nordic PR 2022’ report, you can read more about content's new role in business but also how to relate to today's demands for measurement, the importance of value-driven communication, and other interesting future perspectives and trends in PR and communications.

Our content agency helps you cut through the noise
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