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Mynewsdesk Contributes to World's Children's Prize in Annual Gift

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Mynewsdesk Contributes to World's Children's Prize in Annual Gift

In the spirit of the holiday season, Mynewsdesk has announced its annual tradition of gifting to a charitable organisation. This year, the chosen beneficiary is the World's Children's Prize, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering and educating children to become changemakers.

Louise Barnekow, CEO of Mynewsdesk, emphasises the significance of backing the younger generation. “In a world marked by turbulence, it is vital to embrace and empower the next generation, our children, the future, by providing them with opportunities to have their voices heard.”

Founded in 1999, The World's Children's Prize is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the rights and well-being of children worldwide. The 25,000 SEK donation will support them in their mission to provide education and strengthen the voices of disadvantaged children, enabling them to advocate for their families and their communities.

Magnus Bergmar, CEO of World's Children's Prize, expressed his enthusiasm for this year's choice, stating: “We are very pleased that Mynewsdesk has chosen to give this year's holiday gift to the World's Children's Prize. Thanks to this contribution, we will be able to educate and empower even more vulnerable girls to become changemakers who stand up for children's rights in their villages and countries.”

For numerous years, Mynewsdesk has been actively contributing to charitable causes during the Christmas season. “We see this as an important reminder of the importance of corporate social responsibility and the positive change that can be achieved when organisations prioritise giving back to the global community. Which truly aligns with Mynewsdesk’s belief that together we can make a positive impact on society”, Barnekow concludes.




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