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​Nominations wanted for Mynewsdesk’s newsroom giveaway

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​Nominations wanted for Mynewsdesk’s newsroom giveaway

Mynewsdesk, a major digital PR platform in the Nordics, welcomes everyone to nominate their favorite nonprofit organization to win a newsroom for one whole year. Be it a charitable foundation, social advocacy group or civic league—all nonprofits are eligible for nomination.

The campaign celebrates the unsung heroes of society, giving them a platform to get their stories picked up by relevant journalists. Ultimately, it aims to solve the lack of coverage for compelling stories that certainly merit attention.

The most deserving winner will not only get free access to a Mynewsdesk newsroom but a year’s worth of exposure, visibility and reach.

The gift that keeps on giving

Daniel Vazquez, Global Content Marketing Manager at Mynewsdesk, shares what makes this initiative important. “Getting your stories heard is of paramount importance in our day and age, so that is what we will help them with in the year to come,” he says.

Indeed, gifts are more than just the wrapped presents under the tree. Making holiday wishes come true for those who least expect it captures the essence of Christmas.

“We want to do something nice for others for Christmas, and we believe this is the best way for us to do just that,” Daniel adds.

Stine Staal, Country Manager Denmark, agrees. “I feel like you have to help where you can, and now that we have the tools to help organizations get their messages out, we’ll do it.”

Life with a newsroom

In 2018, Mynewsdesk in Denmark launched a newsroom giveaway for the holidays. “Our customers really welcomed our slightly alternative Christmas gifts, where we give them the opportunity to give something to those who need it most,” says Stine.

The Danske Hospitalsklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns) was selected as the newsroom recipient. The organization works in health care institutions to help sick children all over Denmark cope with their illnesses.

“They have so many good stories about the beautiful hospital clowns who, with their red noses, spread joy and assurance in the children's ward,” she affirms. “These are stories just waiting to be told and shared!”

More lucky winners this year

The more the merrier as they say. This festive season, Mynewsdesk expands the list of newsroom nominees. The free newsrooms will be awarded to nonprofit organizations in the Nordics and DACH.

According to Daniel, there is no formal selection criteria. “It is up to those who nominate to provide us with the best possible reason for why their organization deserves to win.”

The deadline for nominations is on December 24, 2019, and you can nominate here.


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