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Louise Barnekow.
Louise Barnekow.

Press release -

Louise Barnekow appointed as Mynewsdesk’s CEO

Louise Barnekow has been leading Mynewsdesk as interim CEO since the end of last year, and has now been appointed as CEO for the company. The change is effective as of September 2nd.

Barnekow joined Mynewsdesk in 2016 as Chief Product Officer. She previously was Head of Data and Product Development at Schibsted Sweden. Barnekow also has extensive media, product management and sales experience from such companies as Bredbandsbolaget and Telenor.

"I'm excited and feel honored in the trust bestowed upon me to lead Mynewsdesk. For me, it was an easy decision to accept the position as CEO, thanks to the commitment and passion of all Mynewsdesk's employees,” said Louise Barnekow, CEO at Mynewsdesk.

Mynewsdesk was founded in 2003 with the purpose to bring communicators and journalists closer together. In recent years, Mynewsdesk has developed the platform to include analysis and media monitoring, including the acquisition of Mention during summer 2018.

“The industry for PR and marketing is always changing. Going forward, executing on data insights from Mynewsdesk’s and Mention’s platform combined will be crucial to develop our products and services for the needs of tomorrow. Our goal is and will continue to be to deliver the industry’s best PR and communications platform,” said Louise.

Louise joins the Group Management team of NHST Media Group

Mynewsdesk is a part of NHST Media Group, and as CEO of Mynewsdesk Louise joins the Group Management team permanently. Besides Mynewsdesk and Mention, NHST owns Norweigan publications Dagens Næringsliv and Morgenbladet and several global niche publications.

“Under Louise’s leadership, Mynewsdesk has implemented a number of positive changes to further strengthen the organisation and prepare for the challenges of the future. I have great faith in Louise and are sure she is the right person to lead the way forward,” said Hege Yli Melhus Ask, Group CEO of NHST Media Group.

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Mynewsdesk is the Nordic region's leading platform for digital PR and communication, with about 5,000 customers and 77,000 users. The cloud-based service includes media monitoring, news distribution, and PR analytics. The company was founded in 2003 in Stockholm. Since 2008, Mynewsdesk is a part of the Norwegian media group NHST Media Group AS. In 2018, Mynewsdesk acquired Mention, a social media management and listening tool.

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About NHST Media Group
NHST Media Group is a Norway-based media group producing publications that are leading within their respective niches. The group consists of three business areas: Norwegian publications (Dagens Næringsliv and Morgenbladet), NHST Global Publications (Tradewinds, Upstream, Recharge, Intrafish, Europower and Fiskeribladet), as well as Software-as-a-Service (Mynewsdesk and Mention, comprising digital PR distribution and social media monitoring). The group has about 700 employees based in a total of 17 countries. NHST’s main office is in Oslo, Norway.

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