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ATMOS, the world's most sensitive radon sniffer is now included in the Radonova portfolio.
ATMOS, the world's most sensitive radon sniffer is now included in the Radonova portfolio.

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Gammadata Acquisition Provides Radonova with a Complete Program for Radon Measurement

By acquiring the radon measurement instrument division of Gammadata Instruments, Radonova Laboratories has further strengthened its position as a world leader in home and workplace radon measurement. Through the acquisition, Radonova has added several advanced instruments and products to its portfolio, broadening its range of radon measurement technologies.

By offering a comprehensive program for radon measurement, Radonova is responding to the global demand for safe and efficient radon measurements in homes and workplaces.

“With this acquisition, we get access to leading edge products which are at the absolute forefront of research and development. For example, ATMOS, the world's most sensitive radon sniffer. With an expanded portfolio of instruments and products, we are now in a position to offer new and existing customers an optimal radon measurement program, particularly in the rapidly growing European market of workplace radon measurement,” says Radonova Laboratories CEO Karl Nilsson.

One of Gammadata's founders, Dag Sedin, has 30 years of experience in instrument development for radiation measurement and will take on the role of consultant at Radonova Laboratories. Dag comments on the acquisition:

“As we are now part of Radonova Laboratories, there is enormous potential for intensifying our research to ensure that we continue to deliver the most innovative radon instruments and sensors available on the market. Radonova provides us with a great platform to further develop the new product lines we have in the pipeline. The first of these will be an update to the ATMOS radon sniffer. In addition, Radonova has an established export network that will provide numerous new opportunities for growth when new products are released.”

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For more information, please contact Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova Laboratories AB
Phone: +46 (0)70-639 01 31, E-mail:

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Karl Nilsson

Karl Nilsson

Press contact CEO Radonova Laboratories +46 (0)70 6390131

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