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The image shows Patrik Larsson. Property technician at Fastighetsservice Nord.
The image shows Patrik Larsson. Property technician at Fastighetsservice Nord.

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Patrik Larsson: One of our every day property heroes

Estate Logs was established in 2017 with the vision to make property maintenance effortless and sustainable. The platform allows you to keep track of maintenance and equips property caretakers a planned working day assigned to the specific tasks that must be performed as well as provides easy communication with tenants.

To build an app for property caretakers and suitable for their work, Estate Logs enlisted Patrik Larsson, Property technician at Fastighetsservice Nord, to assist in the development of the app.

Patrik Larsson began his career as a construction worker in 1990. A decade later, Patrik was hired by a property company where he learnt carpentry and other miscellaneous property management tasks. In 2014, Patrik Larsson established Fastighetsservice Nord, which later came to assist Estate Logs in the development of the property managers app.

In a short-interview Patrik expressed; “While assisting Estate Logs in the development of the property manages app, it was important for me to develop a product that is user-friendly for those who use it daily.

Since I started working with Estate Logs, I have seen how my work has been facilitated as I easily find my daily tasks in the app. I do not have to remember various tasks and informations by memory as everything I need is collected and managed in the app.

Furthermore, I can review and manage everything via the app, it has also led to digitalisation of my administrative work. For me, the digitalisation of the administrative work has been effective for my work but it have also become more of it as I can enter error and measurements directly to the app as well as enter comments and error reports in the application.

Sustainability is an important question for Estate Logs, we aim to enforce sustainable buildings in conjunction with sustainable working environment for the property caretakers.

With the Estate Logs app, we at Fastighetsservice Nord have been able to provide our buildings with better sustainable work as we do not forget tasks that need to be performed. By having the data digitalised in one place, we can see patterns and make smarter decisions such as replacing components in technical installations before they break down. This has contributed to less stress and avoiding bug reports.” Says Patrik in regard to how Estate Logs has helped Fastighetsservice Nord with their sustainability work?

Property caretakers obtains a crucial role in the maintenance of buildings, thus Estate Logs work close and diligently to provide them with a platform which benefits them with efficient working days, a sense of security in their work and pride in their buildings.




Lisa Lindgren

Lisa Lindgren

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