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Joanna Command appointed new Head of Customer Success at Turnpike Group

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Joanna Command appointed new Head of Customer Success at Turnpike Group

Turnpike Group is strenghtening their leadership team with ex-H&M veteran Joanna Command. 

"I am very excited to be joining forces with the Turnpike leadership team to help scale our customer success efforts," says Joanna Command about her new role. "As a client-obsessed professional I'm thrilled to have found the right environment to push boundaries of making life better for firstline workers around the world." 

Retail is undergoing a massive transformation accelerated by the pandemic, that is rapidly changing the role of retail employees. Because of this, there has been a significant demand for solutions that introduces smarter and digitally empowered workflow management. Turnpike's wearable platform turns real-time data into a sixth sense for firstline workers. The solution provides managers and staff direct access to data and communication, that enables improved work-life and service levels. 

"I love how Turnpike is using innovative tech as a catalyst for staff to build better personal relationships with retail consumers. In-store shoppers never see the tech, they just get a better and more personalised experience from happier and more empowered staff members," says Command. 

Previous to joining Turnpike, Joanna spent more than 10 years at H&M in various roles, bringing her vast retail experience to a team that is focused on growing their strength in the retail sector. In her new role at Turnpike she will be responsible for supporting and establishing strategic relationships with major clients, including H&M.

Earlier this year Turnpike went live with H&M Home stores in Sweden, helping to drive stronger customer engagement and decrease operational costs. See more about this here: 

Turnpike CEO Jonas Borglin is enthusiastic about welcoming Joanna to the growing team. “Joanna is empowering our team with great expertise in building customer success and that’s the very core of what we want to accomplish. For us, her role fits a critical part of our fundamental strategy as a company that is looking to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers, allowing us to jointly share our success for many years to come,” says Jonas Borglin.

Joanna Command started her position March 1, 2021.


Turnpike is a Swedish SaaS-company that digitally connects staff. Our mission is to empower firstline workers with actionable info in real-time. Turnpike provides a long list of access, safety, scheduling, productivity and convenience features, in addition to helpful reminders and motivational communication. We exist to give your co-workers a sixth sense. Firstline first.

Turnpike Group was founded in Stockholm 2015 by Carl Norberg, Björn Ögren and Peter Carlsson. 


Carl Norberg

Carl Norberg

Press contact Co-Founder CMO +46760321119

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Empower staff to achieve more.

Turnpike builds software that is transforming the way retail employees work. We enable seamless discreet communication between management and staff that drives real-time customer service and engagement.
Our solutions make retail employees more productive, more empowered, and more motivated.

In partnership with Microsoft, Turnpike has already attracted the attention from H&M and IKEA. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2016 by Carl Norberg, Björn Ögren and Peter Carlsson.

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