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Why Do I Still Have Big Arms After Losing Weight?

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Why Do I Still Have Big Arms After Losing Weight?

Women generally have more fat in their upper arms than men. As a result, coupled with the fact that they have a more challenging time building muscle in this area, it usually means that they are more likely to have sagging upper arms.

A Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study showed that women who engaged in strength training on just one arm did not show any differentiating results (on that arm) compared to the arm that wasn’t put through such training [1].

Successful weight loss entails losing weight, in general, across all body parts and not just a single focus in the problem area. Successful weight loss methods include minding what is consumed, which consists of cutting back on calories, keeping a healthy and active lifestyle, and others.

Arm fat cannot be targeted specifically

One of the reasons one still has big arms after losing weight is because targeted fat or weight loss is almost impossible. While one can focus on certain body parts to build muscle, more often than not, the muscle can remain hidden under fat. Another fact often not understood (enough) is that weight loss and fat loss are two different things. Fat loss entails lowering the amount of body fat of the individual.

Fat cannot turn into muscle

Fat cannot be turned into muscles as fat and muscle are two different tissues.

Body fat, also known as adipose tissue, is made up of triglycerides, which are made up of a glycerol backbone and three fatty acid chains. Although there are different kinds of body fat, fat is solely composed of different carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

Muscle tissue consists of bundles of muscle fibres called myofibrils, containing smaller fibres composed of long amino acids. These amino acids, which have a unique nitrogen group in their chemical structure, are the basic building blocks of proteins. As a result of these differences, neither muscle nor fat can be converted into the other.

Do your arms feel muscular?

Arms that have developed muscles feel firmer. This is typically achieved through effort that consists of exercise, strength training and a healthy accompanying diet. Strength training can also boost bone density, keeping them healthy. Muscle burns calories, so it can help in managing and maintaining weight.

Do your arms look smaller but jigglier?

Loss of skin elasticity is a common byproduct of ageing. This often results in a flabby and saggy appearance.

Flabby arms are also known as “bat wings” and are a combination of sagging skin and stubborn excess fat. Ageing, genetics, and loss of muscle mass are among the causes of the condition. Skin can stretch due to excess weight, which can damage collagen and elastin fibres. This is why skin may not be able to bounce back and retract after weight loss.

Do your arms look and feel exactly the same size as before?

Fat in the arms is notoriously difficult to eliminate, even with the strictest of exercise and diet regimes. Compared to men, women are more likely to be stricken with the issue of excess arm fat. Genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance and a sedentary lifestyle are just some possible causes.

The only proven and effective method to target fat in the area is via surgical intervention.

Arm Fat Surgical Option: Arm Liposuction Singapore

Arm Liposuction with MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique is a procedure that eliminates fat and is also able to tighten and contour the area. It is an effective option for individuals facing issues with fat in the area despite all efforts in trying to remove them.

Before diving into such a procedure, it is important that the individual does their due research to find the right doctor. Liposuction is a strictly regulated practice in Singapore, and only MOH-approved doctors can perform the procedure. Additionally, liposuction can be a delicate process where a doctor’s experience and understanding of aesthetics are called for. This is not only in the pursuit of achieving results but, more importantly, in ensuring the patient’s safety and wellbeing.

The MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique was developed by Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic. His 17 years and counting surgical experience and knowledge were the impetus behind his invention. The proprietary technique and surgical approach eliminate fat via strategic incisions. It is also able to tighten skin and sculpt a physique. Scarring is also kept to a minimum.

The MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique is designed to fit the different needs of an array of patients. Through his experience, Dr Puah understands that no two patients are alike, and as such, a customised approach is needed to safely and effectively achieve the desired results.

POPULAR ARM LIPO QUESTIONS: Does arm lipo make arms saggy? What happens to skin after arm liposuction? Does lipo on arms tighten skin? NO. Arm lipo will NOT cause loose skin!

Loose and saggy skin can happen after liposuction. This happens when the skin does not have good laxity and cannot bounce back and retract as expected. It is quite a common issue among people who’ve experienced significant weight loss.

Skin’s ability to bounce back and retract is dependent on several factors. Age is one, and this ability is higher in younger persons as they have good skin elasticity. Another factor is the volume of fat that has been removed. If an individual loses significant weight prior to lipo, the skin may have already become loose. This, in turn, may show after the procedure. There are many variables, as no two persons are alike.

At Amaris B. Clinic, Dr Ivan Puah offers customised body sculpting programs for his patients. A patient’s unique body shape, lifestyle and needs are considered before an approach is decided that will fit the patient’s needs. Body sculpting is 70% art and 30% science, and this approach has enabled Dr Puah to help many patients achieve their realistic physical aspirations.

Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr Ivan Puah.

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