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The hunt begins for the most popular symphony...ever

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The hunt begins for the most popular symphony...ever

A bit of fun to follow the serious focus on yesterday’s Budget we're running a music poll with Colchester Classics. Simply let us know what is your favourite symphony ever written with a few words on the reason for your choice - and three lucky winners will get a pair of top tickets to see the Philharmonia Orchestra perform Beethoven’s 9th at the Royal Festival Hall on 27 September.

Following our small business day last month, we have teamed up with Colchester Classics to run this exercise. The idea for the competition also sprang from the results of a national poll we ran last month which revealed that classical music still plays an important role in many people’s lives today. One in eight Britons said classical music was the genre of music they turned to in order to give them a lift or an escape from the challenging economic times they are going through. Further, classical composers featured when people were asked which artists and composers represented the best of British in Olympic Year. For the over 50s, Edward Elgar was just 1% off top place.

For each of the three most popular symphonic choices, there will be a prize draw for a pair of tickets to the Royal Festival Hall for 27th September. Colchester Classics, who will run the prize draw will be sharing details of prize draw Ts&Cs in their April and May newsletters.

To enter, simply email your answer with some comments on your top choice symphonic work to us at or contact Colchester Classics at  A bit of fun for spring and we’ll share news on the top 10 choices in June.



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