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"Thank you":  Charles Rebbeck with his daughters
"Thank you": Charles Rebbeck with his daughters

Press release -

Grateful client's emotional review of Adriana Stoyanova after being freed from Barclays timeshare loan

Following the defeat of Barclays Partner Finance and the repayment of loans arranged by disgraced Maltese timeshare company Azure, victims express their gratitude at being given their lives back

Barclays and Azure loans

In June 2021, following a 4 year campaign by leading lawyer Adriana Stoyanova (AKA the Erin Brockovich of timeshare), financial giant Barclays agreed to repay loans to over 1400 consumers. Stoyanova achieved the 'David vs Goliath' victory, sending shockwaves throughout both the timeshare and finance industries, and giving hope to hundreds of thousands of 'pressure sold' consumers. The loans are cancelled and all payments made to be reimbursed with 8% simple interest

Not just numbers

"With the huge numbers involved, it's easy to forget the individual effects that Ms Stoyanova's hard work has on these client's lives," says Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims. "€48 million in money recovered for the consumers involved is a colossal figure and the timeshare legal community is in awe of Adriana for defeating the mighty Barclays, together with the Azure Support Group.

"These are real people, and the effect on their lives has been extremely dramatic in many, many cases"

Charles Rebbeck

One such client was Charles Rebbeck. Charles had lost his wife to cancer and shortly afterwards lost his job too. Charles was bringing up two daughters on his own under incredible pressure and the Barclays loan he had been sold by the unlicensed, high pressure salespeople of Azure was crushing him.

Charles found M1 Legal, and Adriana who promised to help. Charles admits to having had a degree of scepticism, and that in heart of hearts he believed he would be stuck paying the entire £24,600 loan. In June 2021 he got the great news that Barclays would be cancelling his debt.

Charles Rebbeck testimony of Adriana Stoyanova
Charles Rebbeck's testimony of Adriana Stoyanova


Charles's online review variously describes Adriana as 'Superwoman', 'an Angel', 'tireless', 'bold', and 'relentless'. He praises her 'tenacity, hard work and dedication.' "Myself and my two girls are absolutely indebted to what she has achieved in our favour. I cannot thank her enough."

Adriana commented: "It is always heartwarming to hear about the lives affected by my work. Clients like Charles are the reason why I do this. I am intensely proud that we were able to help the Rebbeck family and wish them the very best for the future."

Get in touch

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