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16GB Nokia X6 Now SIM Free & Unlocked

The 16GB edition of the Nokia X6 Black and Red model has now been launched as a SIM Free phone, this new model is a carbon copy of the original Nokia X6 32GB edition in terms of looks but it does strip back on a couple of things to lower the price tag. The X6 16GB range has grown to include a number of different colour variants, thee include the Nokia X6 16GB Pink, Silver, Black, White and Blue colour schemes but all offers the exact same features just wrapped up in different coloured casings.

The main difference between the original X6 models and these new 16GB editions is the obvious memory decrease, however although it has halved from the 32GB of the original handset 16GB is still enough to hold up to 5,500 individual music tracks.

Another feature left out of the smaller memory models is the Comes with Music service from Nokia, this gives the user 12 months worth of free music to download and keep, by omitting this and the smaller memory the 16GB model is able to be reduced in price significantly and falls well within many peoples budget.

The main feature remain the same with a 5.0 mega pixel camera with auto focus and the high quality Carl Ziess lens, a comprehensive music player with a 3.5mm audio jack allowing you to plug in your favourite pair of standard headphones and a 3.2 inch full colour touch screen.

There are a number of different phone models offering a similar 3.2 inch touch screen experience to the Nokia X6 including the new Sony Ericsson Vivaz which focuses more on its imaging capabilities rather than its media player. The Vivaz packs an 8 mega pixel camera and supports HD video recording which will soon be available in the latest Nokia N8 model.

Samsung have their Samsung Jet and Tocco Ultra edition handsets with the Jet matching the 5 mega pixel camera of the X6 whilst the Tocco Ultra opts for an 8 mega pixel camera and an added slide out keypad alongside its touch screen but neither can match the Nokia in terms of music support.

The Nokia X6 16GB was originally released on Orange pay monthly deals, this is the first time that this cheaper alternative has been available as a SIM Free and unlocked mobile phone, this means that the consumer can choose which network to use their phone with as well as whether they prefer to be on a pay monthly contract deal or the pay as you go service.


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