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11 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015

With only 11 days left until the release ofSustainable Brand Index™ 2015 it istime for our third edition of Sustainable Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday until the 23rd of March we publish a blog post analyzing interesting facts from the previous four indexes. Will this year’s index be similar to last year’s? Find out on the 23rd!

Sustainable Throwback Thursday #3: FMCG is the least successful industry in the Nordics when it comes to sustainable branding

The brands in Sustainable Brand Index™ are divided into industries such as Banks, Supermarkets, Pharmacies and Telecom. The number of industries varies a bit between the indexes in different countries; in the Swedish index 19 industries are represented.

To see which industries are collectively getting the highest scores we have calculated the average ranking in each of the industries in the different countries. The supermarket industry is the most successful industry overall in the Nordics, making the top 3 industry ranking in all four countries. The food industry also ranks high in all the countries.

The FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry is the least successful industry. Ranking at the very bottom in Sweden and Norway, ranking 2nd to last in Denmark. The Telecom industry and the Fuel industry also score low overall rankings in all four countries.

So why is the FMCG industry so unsuccessful when it comes to sustainable branding? FMCG products are characterized by frequent purchase with low involvement from the consumer, large quantities and small profit margins. The focus in marketing for FMCG products is often on price rather than environmental or social responsibility. Will the FMCG industry manage to convince the Nordic consumers of its sustainability this year? We will see on the 23rd of March.

Stay tuned, the next Throwback will be released next Thursday! 


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