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All consumer segments are increasingly positive towards shopping online

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All consumer segments are increasingly positive towards shopping online

Sustainable Brand Index™ divides consumers into four different groups depending on how they act in different situations and underlying structures in their attitudes. The different groups are Ego, Moderate, Smart and Dedicated

When asked questions about whether they like shopping online a majority of consumers in all the four different groups answered yes.The different benefits of shopping online make it appealing to consumers in all different groups despite their different priorities when making purchase decisions.

This development is positive from a sustainability perspective. Online shopping paves the way for more sustainable, informed purchase decisions. This also shows that the different consumer groups are approaching each other, in the modern society the spread of information gets more and more effective, bridging the knowledge gap between the different segments.

Next week we will see whether the ratio between the different consumer groups have changed since last year. Are consumers agreeing on more things than just online shopping?

Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015 will be released next Monday! 



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