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Efficient PR starts with AI

From creating text drafts for your next press release and finding the relevant journalists to automatically monitoring and linking resulting coverage to your press activity. Let AI support your full PR workflow.

Team up with AI for more productive and creative content creation

Save time on the actual writing of your content by letting our PR Assistant generate press releases for you. The time saved can be spent on increasing your creativity instead. By adding a few fields of information, you’ll have an AI-generated press release you only need to proofread and fact-check before you adjust and publish.

Secure sending your press releases to the right journalists

Reach the relevant audience with your content and increase the impact of your PR. Say goodbye to hours of searching for relevant journalists, and let them be automatically found based on your specific content. See the articles the journalists have written previously, and their potential reach, and understand why the AI thinks it is a good match for your press release. Save time on research and add the relevant journalists presented to you directly to the list of recipients for the press release you’re about to publish and distribute.

Automate your media monitoring and reporting of media coverage

Understand the effect of your PR by quick and easy access to the media coverage gained from your distributed content. No need to set up advanced search profiles – the AI will set them up automatically based on your content and present the stories picked up by the media in real time. Gather the media coverage in automated reports together with KPIs proving the effect and value of your PR and communication efforts.

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