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Reading tips for the summer

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Reading tips for the summer

During the glorious days of summer, you finally have the time to get inspired or learn something new in peace and quiet. We have put together a list for you with interesting articles and podcasts.

Brand storytelling
Storytelling has always been captivating; few things capture us like a really good story. For today's businesses, storytelling is a more or less an indispensable method for building a credible brand, and for creating engaging content. Take advantage of our newest guide and blog posts and get prepared to come back after vacation more ready to form your company's brand story than ever.

Deep dive into different topics
If you need to rest your eyes, we recommend our concept Coffee & Communications. Here you can dive into different topics with one of Mynewsdesk’s experts. The 30-minute episodes are perfect for the evening walk or when you're napping in the hammock.

Analyze and optimize
At the end of the summer, when you're feeling restless, it might be time to immerse yourself in analysis and measurement - one of the keys to successful communication. The tools of analysis just keep getting better and better, helping you gain important insights that result in informed decisions. Insight-driven communication makes you more relevant and accurate.

Hope you enjoy your summer whether you spend it in the office or at your summer house, and that you take time to get inspired by our list. If you would like more tips and even more inspiration, you can also visit our library.

Have a great summer!



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