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What does the future of the PR industry look like? Meet all the speakers of Mynewsday 2021

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What does the future of the PR industry look like? Meet all the speakers of Mynewsday 2021

The countdown to one of the biggest digital events in the Nordics in PR and communications, Mynewsday 2021, has begun. On 11 November, industry experts will speak on this year's theme – The future of PR & communications.

For the eleventh year in a row, Mynewsdesk invites you to Mynewsday, an event that brings communicators and marketers together from across the Nordics to listen to the industry's most inspiring voices. This year's theme is The Future of PR & Communications and so far, over 1,000 people have registered for the event. Make sure to join Mynewsday here – it is free and there are still spots left. Below you will find a short presentation of this year's speakers:

Brian L. Due
Brian L. Due is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen where he researches communication trends, innovation, and creative communication solutions, as well as communication and culture in international companies. Brian will delve into his research on new technologies and how they impact your social life.

Christine Calvert
Christine Calvert calls herself "Norway's only text doctor" and regularly teaches writing courses and trainings. She has released several books such as "Write for the Web - short and sweet", "Write to Sell", and "Clear writing, clear thinking". On Mynewsday, she will speak about the future of writing and the place of communication in an ever-changing world.

Pontus F. Christoffersen
Pontus F. Christoffersen has for many years trained prominent politicians and business leaders in communication. He will dive into what rhetorical strategies can look like in a digitalised world. You will learn how to craft a clear message and achieve the results you aim for.

John Mellkvist
John Mellkvist, Senior Consultant at Kreab and futurist, will share his very best tips for preventing age discrimination in the workplace and society. You will gain new perspectives on ageing (and your own age!) and how we can reduce age discrimination through communication.

Tale Olivia Henningsen
As Creative Director of the paint company Fargerike and editor of the magazines Farge and Impuls, Tale Olivia Henningsen always brings a journalistic eye to her daily work. She will talk about how Mynewsdesk makes it possible to meet ambitious PR goals.

Marthina Elmqvist
Marthina Elmqvist is currently Head of Brand & Marketing Communications at the telecom platform Televox, but has previously worked for many years as a journalist - in print as well as radio. At Mynewsday, Marthina will talk about why audio has taken on unprecedented strategic importance for Telavox communications and why Mynewsdesk plays such an important role in their PR strategy.

Moderator for Mynewsday 2021 will be Elin Ahldén, communications expert and founder of Lennox PR.

Date: 11 November 2021
Time: 9.00-12.00
Location: digital event, link will be sent by email when you register
The event will be held in English and is completely free of charge

Register here




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