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The all-in-one solution for PR & Communication is now even better

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The all-in-one solution for PR & Communication is now even better

At Mynewsdesk, we drive innovation. As an industry leader, we always thrive to understand what our customers want and need – now, and in the future. For the last few years, we’ve focused on introducing AI into our solution. AI helps automate tasks and makes it easier to analyze the effects of PR and the work our customers do. In other words; it helps us create the best solution on the market. That ongoing work, along with the help of our committed customers and their feedback, has resulted in a year of major product updates and releases.

"At Mynewsdesk, we are devoted to helping our customers build relations and create awareness. With this in mind, we always try to improve. We are therefore happy that we have delivered several product innovations to meet our customer needs during the last year", says Sara Manding Holm, Chief Product Officer at Mynewsdesk

    Below, we will share the highlights from this year, along with how they bring value to our customers’ work. Along with all the specific updates being made, we’ve in general put a lot of effort into improving our user experience, to increase efficiency and customer control over publications.

    We are proud to say that the list of this year’s improvements is quite long! If you don’t have time to read all of it, here are four updates you definitely don’t want to miss out on:

    • Our new Monitor is now 10 times stronger, covering millions of global sources
    • The hosted newsroom – now more user-friendly than ever before
    • Audience Targeting – find your most relevant journalists in real time with AI
    • The new media coverage report displays all articles that are found by Mynewsdesk’s media monitoring tool

    For those of you who are eager to find out more on how Mynewsdesk has been updated to support your daily work, here’s the full list of highlights:

    Major product improvements during 2021

    Host your own customized newsroom

    While this improvement was actually finished towards the end of 2020, it still made our list as it was highly appreciated by our customers.

    With this launch, the customized newsrooms have gone through major design updates. Now, the hosted newsrooms support features such as adding your own brand colors to your newsroom and choosing how to display your images, videos, and documents in your media library. This way, the hosted newsroom will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your website.

    Not only are the looks improved; the update also included a more user-friendly and responsive version of the newsroom. To help our customers create accessible newsrooms, all these changes are compliant with the EU Web Accessibility Directive. This means that no matter your level of expertise within web and design, your hosted newsroom will live up to the standards your customers expect, as we provide you with a helpful framework.

    Make media monitoring simple

    Covering millions of global sources may seem like an impossible task, but with our Monitor, it’s easy. The new Monitor has been updated twice this year! It’s now 10 times stronger than before and has a more user-friendly interface to make it even more intuitive and easy to use.

    The first update included features such as a simplified way to create search profiles, a boolean search for exact and real-time results and Instagram was added as a social media source. Additionally, it has improved analytics to help you gain media insights, and an updated clipbook that allows you to create and share reports.

    The second update of the Monitor entailed a new search profile interface. It gives users the possibility to create more advanced search profiles in an easy way, to make the Monitor even more powerful.

    Learn how your publications perform

    To help you get a better overview and understanding of your publications, we launched a new feature called Your Latest Story. It is available for all customers and displays your latest published story – whether a press release, news article, or blog post – with related data on your dashboard. This way, you can easily see the effect of your latest work. The data shown includes newsroom views, emails sent, emails opened, and media coverage.

    Understand your distribution

    Without distribution, communication loses its impact. We understand that our customers want to know exactly when and where their story will be published, which is what the new distribution summary displays. The distribution summary will also include suggestions on how you can increase the reach of your publication, to help you achieve even better results.

    Display all your media coverage in one report

    Save time by creating a report that covers all articles that are found by Mynewsdesk’s media monitoring tool. Easily sort out and gather all important information and data based on keywords, industry, competitors, and more. No need for any other tool, just do it within your workflow! Seamlessly share the coverage report with anyone in the company without the need of logging in. For customization, your logo is automatically attached to each report.

    Build better audiences

    The Audience Builder enables finding and connecting with over 1 million global contacts such as journalists and influencers. Use it to track engagement, send pitches, and more. Now, it’s been updated to be even more helpful! Not only did we upgrade the API, but we also added several features, one of them being the possibility to save searches, preview, and if needed, delete them. This is highly appreciated by our customers!

    Other features are for example the free text – or keyword – search. Now, you can type in whatever you want, and the Audience Builder will find journalists who cover the topic. Additionally, it’s now possible to import the same journalist multiple times. That’s useful, for example, if you want to include the same journalist in various lists.

    Control when to reach your audience

    You can now choose not to make send-outs to any contacts after publishing an update that may not be relevant to your whole audience. Do so simply by checking a box! This helps establish trust with your audience, as they will know that when you reach out, you have something valuable to offer.

    Truly customize your emails

    We are pleased to present this long-awaited design change. All emails being sent from Mynewsdesk have been updated with a completely new appearance. Now, they look better than ever! Additionally, the Mynewsdesk logo in the email footer has been removed for all customers with email customization.

    Find your most relevant journalists with AI

    Audience targeting is our latest and one of our most exciting releases during this year. This brand new AI-feature will save you both time and resources while searching for relevant journalists. Our AI will analyze your content, and based on it, identify and provide suggestions for relevant journalists, influencers and media that you should contact. You will receive updated suggestions with each publication, which will increase your control and ensure that you reach relevant people for each new publication.

    2021, 2022, and the future

    These new updates during the last year allow our 4000 customers to focus on what’s truly important – increase awareness and build relations. By combining customer feedback with our own market insights, we will continuously develop our solution accordingly. When doing so, AI will remain at the forefront, to ensure we always offer the most effective way of working with PR and communication – during the rest of 2021, 2022, and beyond.



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