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Mynewsdesk launches new tool for media monitoring

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Mynewsdesk launches new tool for media monitoring

Today the PR- and communication company Mynewsdesk launches Monitor, a media monitoring tool with a brand new look and features.
“Efficient media monitoring is a key tool allowing businesses to communicate with pace, timing and accuracy. Therefore, we have chosen to invest in this product, so that we can offer one of the best tools on the market,” says Louise Barnekow, CEO at Mynewsdesk.

For almost two decades Mynewsdesk has offered digital PR- and communication tools, and were also early to offer media monitoring. Since then, the market need for advanced media monitoring to handle PR- and communication has skyrocketed, which is why Mynewsdesk now launches a brand new upgraded version of their digital tool for media monitoring - Monitor.
“Behind the scenes of the most successful brands lies extensive media monitoring. Using a media monitoring tool makes your work more time-efficient, clearer, and reliable, while also making sure you’re always the first to know what’s being said,” says Louise Barnekow, CEO at Mynewsdesk.

The new features in Monitor include:

  • Ten times more sources, monitoring millions of global sources in real-time
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Boolean search for more accurate results and news coverage in real-time
  • Clear reports that can easily be shared
  • Instagram is added to the monitored social media-channels
  • Analyze feature that for instance shows: number of hits and reach, export function for each analysis and easy visualisation to compare trends

The demand for immediacy keeps growing
Media monitoring has become so much more than just measuring the results of campaigns, keeping track of competitors and identifying crises. More and more companies embrace a proactive approach to their communication and marketing activities by creating PR for their brand that benefits from current events and news.
“The growth of social media and the demand for ‘immediate response’ in combination with more people using google searches and online recommendations as a part of their buying process, makes media monitoring even more important for companies that want to build a strong and credible brand. To put it simply, with media monitoring you get the opportunity to answer questions faster and handle criticism or flaws smoothly” says Louise Barnekow, CEO at Mynewsdesk.

A smarter one-stop solution for PR & communication
Monitor is one of many tools in the Mynewsdesk platform that makes PR- and communication easier. Aside from monitoring your brand, the platform allows you to publish and distribute your news to reach thousands of journalists. You can also analyze your PR-results, and by using AI you can analyze every single news piece you’ve published and see how great its reach is.

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Mynewsdesk is the Nordic region's leading platform for digital PR and communication, with about 5,000 customers and 77,000 users. The cloud-based service includes media monitoring, news distribution, and PR analytics. The company was founded in 2003 in Stockholm. Since 2008, Mynewsdesk is a part of the Norwegian media group NHST Media Group AS. 

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